Saturday, January 31, 2009

Want the keys to Straitline??

I'm lazy this month!

I want / demand, to hear honest opinions more often and less ass kissing - Straitline is so cool. If this idea sucks it sinks. If it swims I will keep offering you a voice that will be sent out globally to all 6 people who actually read this blog.

Speak up and be honest. Spill your guts no matter If you own our gear or not, just do so soon or we will kill a puppy.

Send us a shot of your ride or trail/line you just did or your thoughts. just keep your point relevant to bikes and it will go up online.

For One month starting in mid febuary, If you email - subject "Check It!" , I will post it up under the same title on our blog for all too see.

2 rules! No poetry or bagpipes.

Have my job for one month and help me be lazy!


Keith Scott said...

You suck! haha

Jordan said...

I think Straitline had a strong start, when CNC aftermarket parts for bikes were cool. Now, most brake system have a pretty good feel from the factory, and you guys are limited with what you can do.

I think its time to start looking less at aesthetics, and look at something people can functionally use. The pedals work great, inner guide is genius, but i dont see anything else "eye grabbing." Possibly its time to step it up, and start creating some more vast products. Possibly more stems, pedals, options for the rider.

Other then that, I think you guys have a good thing going on.

Straitline Components said...

See Honesty! The cool thing is we have just caught up, we started small then went globally over night stressing out capacity and design time.

Now that we upgraded to automated CNC production we can broaden whats available. What slowed us down was a growth boom mixed with a full tech upgrade and the merging of two companies Straitline Components/ Straightline Precision Ind.

But now we can diversify and this tradeshow season is when we can show it all off.

PS we are 4 guys running two firms and we personally have to hit the floor and program the machines / set them up/ do our packaging on top of all the design work. So as we get the bugs ironed out delays in new gear is to be expected.

The puppy stays alive another day!

Andrew said...

I would love to see some sick machined cranks that are canadian made. I have mostly canadian parts on my bike but have yet to find a set of canadian made 3 piece cranks.

I love the detail you guys put into your parts i recently bought a SSC stem and a set of pedals the in blue the finish is amazing.

Straitline Components said...

Ya me too! I wanted Cranks from day one, we can easily do them with ten grand of special tooling but the guys are not too keen on Cranks. Hard to compete against the Saints wieght wise and the whole warranty aspect is of concern.

I want a thunder bolt kick stand but they won't make my dream come alive!

dotca said...

A thunder bolt kickstand? Now you are thinking!

PS: You guys suck! Especially you Greg. :P

Straitline Components said...

What love! I open up and the first comment is "you suck" ending more "you suck Greg" lol.

Then I have two simple rules, actually three. email me with a comment and no poetry or bagpipes! The alst two were set in stone but look what I get... The first email but at least it was sent in a email!

"Heard Ye the Bagpipes

Heard ye the bagpipe, or saw ye the banners
That floated sae light o'er the fields o' Kildairlie;
Saw ye the broadswords, the shields, and the tartan hose,
Heard ye the muster-roll sworn to Prince Charlie?
Saw ye brave Appin, wi' bonnet and belted plaid.
Or saw ye the Lords o' Seaforth and Airlie;
Saw ye the Glengarry, M'Leod, and Clandonachil,
Plant the white rose in their bonnets for Charlie?

Saw ye the halls o' auld Holyrood lighted up,
Kenn'd ye the nobles that revell'd sae rarely;
Saw ye the chiefs o' Lochiel and Clanronald,
Wha rush'd frae their mountains to follow Prince Charlie?
But saw ye the blood-streaming fields of Culloden,
Or kenn'd ye the banners were tatter'd sae sairly;
Heard ye the pibroch sae wild and sae wailing,
That mourn'd for the chieftains that fell for Prince Charlie.

Wha, in yon Highland glen, weary and shelterless,
Pillows his head on the heather sae barely;
Wha seeks the darkest night, wha maunna face the light,
Borne down by lawless might--gallant Prince Charlie?
Wha, like the stricken deer,
Chased by the hunter's spear,
Fled frae the hills o' his father sae scaredly;
But wha, by affection's chart, reins in auld Scotland's heart-
Wha but the Royal, the gallant Prince Charlie?"

Hate Bagpipe Poetry!

Keith Scott said...

Oh greg, you know we love you really!

Well I don't think you should start manufacturing bagpipes, testing would make a horendous noise!

However, if you could start manufacturing hubs, I think you could really do well in that market if you keep to your simple, strong reliable with good performance approach. I still want to work with you guys on that 'special' project btw!!

Also, if you could get the tooling to make handlebars and seatpost that would be awesome. don't do like many other brands and order them from a catalog and etch your name on them. I know that you could make them stronger, lighter and more aesthetically appealing than your competitors if you put some thought into it.

Also Panniers... well that was meant to be a joke, but actually my mate who is cycling the length of south america as snapped his 3 times, so some strong ones might just go down well in that market... maybe you could even make them cool? haha, good luck with that!

Straitline Components said... copy paste that or just type "cnc" in the upper left search bar of the blog.

We are stoked to do headsets and hubs we even bought our Mori NL 2000SY because it is the cream of the croplathe that can do live milling complete with the deluxe bar feeder set up, all for future products like hubs.

We haev heard headsets and hubs from day one and this very machine can pump out seat posts no problem, Lenosky has a design he wants us to look at. We really do ened to expand and we are finally at 100 percent fill rates and all the new machines are dialed in so our growing pains are behind us.

Appreciate the input this will be the year we slowly start to expand horizons.
Panniers? Sounds like a ligament in a awkward place...

Lauren said...

Dear Santa,

I want replacement levers for my Avid Elixir brakes...and I would like them in green.