Monday, January 19, 2009

Down to the wire!

Are we the only ones out there who work better under pressure? Being prepared and organised is for geeks and those creepy guys who sit at the bus stops.

We perform best with a gun to the head just like at a race you simply switch it on and focus.

Look at these beauties...

Dennis and I had roughly three hours to rummage up a ad concept. I rushed down to the art store to get large white sheets for backdrop, arrive back at the office and cleared off the table, a table full of massive calenders with perfect white backsides...$3 plus gas wasted.

I ran -drove- down to the lumber store to buy a Florescent light ballast $23, balanced it on top of two chairs $free, as Dennis snapped shots and I dropped water on the stems singing my water dropping song. Realising really fast that water and paper do not mix!

We ended up getting smart and used a funky textured black board we had lying around and Bam... $26 dollar ad!

Down to the wire and off to the designer for editing. Here is the final result in rough form, this link may expire so excuse me if it is dead in a month!
Straitline Decline Ad

The funny thing is as we walked up the stairs to our high tech photo lab Dennis dropped the Red Boxxer down the stairs, luckily you cannot see the dents!

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