Tuesday, January 27, 2009

20 minutes with Dennis

This is Dennis, Straitlines Head Engineer /CNC wizz kid and sadly... part owner!

Dennis is the inventor type. Never happy with what he sees, not giving a sh*t about the hype or the trend of the moment by designing what he knows is right and needed for all of you.

Actually he is almost like a Super Hero for the riding community. Battling pop up brands with empty marketing campaigns that promise you Fillet Mignon but serve you hot dogs at the counter - With no Relish!

So, if I was his Super Hero stylist this is how he would appear on the front page of your news paper!

To be a super hero you need untouchable skills that make the average man go wow! I want to be that guy!

Luckily Dennis has a wide range of home made weaponry skills to help him fight off the evil marketing Brands.

Brands that constantly select their image/look off the wall spending more money on marketing than technology. Their money spent on creating a brand almost equals Dennis's monthly account at Hart and Huntington's tattoo parlor in Vegas as he eats a glass filled taco while sipping a pint of Tabasco sauce for the chaser!

Giving Dennis 20 minutes of boredom with no "brands" to fight and something will light on fire or blow up! Super Hero's need cool gadgets or you just laugh at their tights! Luckily I am his stylist and skin suits were just banned!

On top of all these skills he is also very safety conscious taking it very serious to insure no harm on the public.

So when I get all the emails about whats next or when will this be made? Simply remember it is this guy who was too busy making something blow up not me - I just film it all.

But in between the play times we do get stuff done and are always refining so keep an eye on the blog for some new stuff and our team announcement!

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