Monday, January 19, 2009

Lenosky Pedals! Come get some!

Meet Jeff Lenosky!

He's Kind of a Big Deal! He once counted to infinity....Twice!

By the time you even wake up... He's already cleared 7 railings on the way to Starbucks!

He's been in more movies and magazines than you have even watched or read!

He even has a stalker fan base!

So this was a long way of saying we are launching his signature colour this season as it came out so late last year it missed every catalogue and purchase order... plus it matches his STP bang on!

Come and get some!


Anonymous said...

I heard Straitline sniffs seats on occasion? True or false?

Straitline Components said...

Coming from the man who has been
repeatedly escorted out of professional ball games for loitering in the stands hours on end...

Straitline Components said...

Wait a minute... I just reverse insulted myself!! But you know what I meant lol.