Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fogelsode #5 and Goodbye Banshee Video

With school and the holidays coming to a close, there's a ton more time to ride! As per usual, Post Office is the place to be around here during this time of year, and it becomes an oddity to see a vacant roll-in during sunset.


Photo: Davin Pena

Also, with the new year means I will be parting ways with Banshee. I'm absolutely grateful for the support that they've provided during these past two seasons, and I put together this compilation of footage from my time with them.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Xmas shopping ideas that don’t suck but benefit us!


Straitline AMP pedals with matching AMP stems, that is all!

Stems are ready in February but we will issue an IOU once we receive proof of payment of course!


amp colors



AMP Ltd Pedal

amp special ed-011-Edit

AMP stems are being made in one motion/pass on our Doosan Puma, watch this video and enjoy the music.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Guessing game and Milli Vanilli in one post!

I am not going to lie, I haven't done much work today!  Sunny friday afternoon –3pm , 2 hours to go.

I ate the world best burger then chugged 2% milk at lunch… makes me want to sleep.

Trying to work on Jumpship 2012 and another bolt fell out of my pimpin office chair. Some of them look like they are important.

Not sure when she’s going to let lose but if the phone goes dead while we are chatting, it’s because I just took out the desk.


Thinking about my mortality got me onto a Milli Vanilli rant and started singing their beautiful lyrics. I want to share this with you because when I watched Girl You know it is true I started to crack up and get my energy back.

Take special note at the 3:25 mark where Milli does a sick jump split… and watch him hyperextend himself and rip his hamstrings off his bones.

Lets go do more planking, I was told my form was off last time.




Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Off The Radar

I had the pleasure of having Zinger and Howey stay at my house for a couple weeks at the beginning of the month.  We rode a bunch, and Zinger was hard at work behind the lens, coming out with this banger!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fogelsode Season 3 #4: AT's Showdown and a Wind Down Sesh

It's been an eventful past couple weeks! AT's Showdown never fails to disappoint and this year was no exception! I always look forward to this contest, not only for the good times that it brings, but because it brings friends from all over to the area, making for some rad days of riding before and after the comp. The contest went perfectly, with few injuries and exciting finals that the "head to head" format brought. I ended up finishing 8th, so I'm stoked on that!
We got a bunch of rain in the days following, so it was back to the good 'ol step-up for some lighthearted sessions--a nice change of pace!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Straitline in financial woes!


But good financial woes… owning a new Doosan PUMA MX2100ST 9axis lathe with live tooling blah blah blah… very expensive!

Our Edgefactor show Gnarly Metal didn’t hurt awareness of our abilities so hats off to the crew!



This machine is going to be dedicated to making our AMP stem line along with some fancy other robotic contracts!


As I type this blog, they dropped the machine off the track shaking the facility.. UHOH…that is going to cost someone a hundred grand in repairs… I cannot believe that just happened and for once I am not kidding. I may cry!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reality Redesigned Contest!

So as many of you know we filmed a TV show around our production facility called Edge Factor Gnarly Metal!

The Edge Factor: Gnarly Metal - Full Episode on

We filmed it around our new local event called Jumpship, it was a huge undertaking and great success.


Then mid filming of our episode the Producer Jeremy Bout who's brain never shuts off and rivals mine... decided that it wasn’t enough, lets launch a global design challenge and piggy back the shows release! I was already screwed for time and mid season so why not add more to the to do list…

Reality tv style design competition Reality Redesigned!


Turns out if you want it bad enough you get it and here is Jeremy's first instalment of Reality Redesigned.

Reality Redesigned - Defined. on


Details on the competition will be on Pinkbikes front page shortly, but enjoy the sneak peek we have partnered with Intense and Cane Creek to be your personal manufacturers.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fogelsode Season 3 #3: Bridge and Teva

Christian Wright and I had the pleasure of riding the Bridge Jumps, with Brendan Howey behind the lens with his broken ankle. We were joined by Dennis Langenstam, and later Eric Lawrenuk, Mark Matthews, and Kurt Sorge, making for some good times! With contests filling up everyone's schedules, it felt awesome to have such a chill day riding such flowy jumps! I threw in some footage from our trip to Teva Games as well!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kona Project / Straitline’s National aussy team!

Another update on the Aussy National series. Check out the custom one off AMP race pedals we whipped up for them, one side is blue the other is orange like their Jersey’s. Style is everything my friends!

Kona Victoria Project - Round 2 Shepparton from Jake Lucas on Vimeo.



Friday, November 4, 2011

Straitlines 1.2 second Cameo

Aaron LaRocque called me up, actually facebooked me up and asked for me to be a zombie in his new project Strahan of the dead.

It was so fun and done on the cheap, check it out!

My first appearance was an emotional explosion of raw talent as the zombie in the tree line with the shaky hand.

behind the scenes of strahan of the dead

If you have eagle eyes you may notice the Arbutus racks in the film, Strahan’s new company captured in a great viral video.

so check the full release here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Avid codes 2011 / Straitline Codes!

Matt and the crew from North Shore Bikes in North Vancouver have mated our stock Code levers with the new 2011 codes. Read below if your into the new codes!


Hi Greg,

So here's a fully installed and fully functional 2011 Code with Straitline lever. We need a 12-mm M5 set screw to replace the tool-free reach-adjust feature but other than that it's all good. No filing no forcing just a standard Code install.  Thanks Buddy!! Ps expect a spike in Code lever sales the OEM reach-adjust is garbage.

North Vancouver 2-20111028-00200North Vancouver 2-20111028-00201

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fogelsode Season 3 #2: Game of B.I.K.E.

When Christian Wright and I were on our way up to Jump Ship in Victoria, we got to stay at Brendan Howey's house for a few days. With time to kill, we had some fun little seshes on his mulch jump, and Christian had the idea to play a game of B.I.K.E.! As you can see, it was a tremendously strict and serious game, with progression being the only thing on our minds...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Straitline Components Sadly loses a Titan of a man.

I kept this quiet to allow us all time to get over what had happened to us this past Friday, but our CEO/President Mike Paulson passed away from his battle with cancer.


To our valued customers/suppliers and friends:

On Friday October 14, 2011 Mike Paulson President of Straightline Precision Industries Inc.  aka Straitline Components, passed away after a short but tough battle with lung cancer.  Mike loved the direction the company had taken over the last several years of moving into the mountain biking world.  Although Mike was not heavily into mountain biking himself, he was surrounded by people who were, from his own sons, to his grandchildren, and also the employees of the company that he also considered family. This is why he was so willing to risk a large part of his life savings on this market.

His passing is a huge loss to all that knew him, his devotion to his family was commendable, and even though he could be hard nosed,  he always treated friends and business associates with kindness and respect.  He will always be remembered for what he was, and that is a truly great man, father, husband, friend, boss, grandfather and great grandfather.

Mike had been planning his retirement for a few years, and had stepped away from most of the daily business here at Straitline Components.  His two sons Dennis and DJ, have been running the business on a day to day basis for the last couple of years, and although his loss will leave an un fillable void in the company  it will still be business as usual.  We plan to continue what we have been doing - designing and manufacturing innovative high end products for the mountain biking industry.


Mike allowed us to build bike parks urging us to resurrect the local FreeRide park As long as we pushed the sport it was worth doing in his eyes.

In the photo: Mike, Greg, DJ, Eric, Jay, Dennis –off camera Kyle, Mathew, Ashley, Melissa and his lovely wife Marlene- a true family run business.

Once I posted information online with a Slipknot video that captured our excitement… and it derailed a $300,000 deal. He never fired me for that! Instead he simply used it as a lesson in life and business so that I would learn from my mistakes.

Thanks Mike!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fogelsode Season 3 #1: Average School Day

Season three is here, with new episodes every two weeks!

For most of September, I found myself in a constant routine: load up my bike/gear at night, go to school in the morning, grab a burrito, and head straight over to Post Office for a little sundown sesh. Sometimes a bunch of people would be out there, other times it was just me. It never really mattered too much though, as any ride turned a stressful school day into a good day. I brought the camera out one day, and self filmed for this edit.


Photo: Davin Pena


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Syndication / Blog / Facebook test

This better syndicate to the Facebook pages, been pulling my hair out trying to find a way.

FYI I like the second song in this video

amazing street trial film on

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Limited Editions Greens!


Here they are, matching limited edition themed kits!

Limited AMP Stem 70/90mm -160/175gAMP Stem LTD

Limited Edition Silent Guide 32t-36t – 176g

Promo video here: Silent Guide Limited

Limited edition guide full

Limited AMP Pedal - 324g or 272g with Titanium axles…AMP Ltd Pedal

Psst, the titanium is from the ex F-22 Raptor project, so its the best of the best aerospace grade you can get, off limits until recently.

Also… when Riding our limited edition kits Danzig may appear in your head, side effects to the Steeze we were told, he will go away when you stop riding.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Straitline clients kick ass!

This is why I love Straitline Clients! They just don't give a shit and I salute that! Adam Kral's Student Presidents Submission!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Casey Groves in the Red Light District!

Sorry Red Bull District... he was at the Red Bull District Ride

I know, I am shocked too but he can write! Here is a little update from Sir Groves on his first big Euro trip.

<b>Being invited to Red Bull District Ride was a real honor. Growing up I watched the old District Ride events and thought it was so cool that there was a course through a beautiful city and a drop off of a castle. It was an inspiring moment last year for me making it onto the podium in Crankworx last year. Going to Germany, was wicked! I had never been across seas before and was looking forward to it.

I was travelling with Mitch Chubey, so I was pretty stoked to have companion on a trip for once, especially a long one. We flew from Vancouver to Toronto where we meant up with Anthony Messere, his Aunty Cheryl, Cam & Bonee McCaul and the Morpheus film crew. It was going to be a good plane ride J

After a long plane ride of watching movies and playing games on my iPhone we finally landed in Munich Germany. Wow this place is beautiful! The country side was amazing, and being a hunter I couldn’t believe all the deer in the hop fields. I was simply blown away in a matter of miles. We stopped at a gas station on our drive to Nuremburg for some beverages. We made Anthony buy them since he had never bought alcohol in his life. A few rode pops and we arrived at our hotel. It was a really nice set up they had for us. Red Bull pretty much owned the hotel for the week. Getting out of the van and having everything taken care of for you was a huge pleasure after a 36+ hour trip.

After building our bikes we decided to go check out the course. There wasn’t really much to check out other then the top drop and the final jump because they hadn’t finished everything yet but those guys know how to build! We met up with Aaron Chase the course designer, and amazing rider to show us around. We had some lunch and waited for everyone else to show up. We didn’t have anything to do the next day other then a rider dinner, which was amazing by the way. So we hit the town.

The next day was a struggle, now I am not saying we were hung over or anything, but because our sleeping patterns were totally out of whack. I went to bed a 4am and woke up at 4pm then the next night I went to bed at 12am and woke up at 430am and it just so happen that Greg Watts couldn’t sleep either so we met up and went for breakfast. Practice the first day was pretty fun, no one had any idea what to do so basically instead of a normal comp practice where everyone is kind of quiet and keeping to them selves, we all just hung out and rode every district together and figured things out. There was no pressure just a bunch of friends having fun, that’s the way it should be!

We all pretty much had our runs figured out mentally. We were supposed to do the first runs of qualifying that evening but none of us had enough practice and it was lightly raining which made all the features slippery, which is how I got hurt but I will to that in a second. It didn’t help that we were riding on cobblestone streets which were even slipperier that the wood. So we all came together and organized everything for tomorrow.

Woke up pretty early and went down for breakfast, couldn’t really eat much so I grabbed my pads and rode over to the course with Kurt Sorge and Eric Lawrenuk for our warm up session. We had to do 3 runs before finals. First run was to make sure the camera crews were set up in the right spots for the live feed and video production. Kind of a pain in the butt if you ask me because its one heck of a tiring ride down to the bottom. In my first run I was just styling and having fun on the course flowing my way down not doing any trick just getting my speeds right. I came into the skate park district and stepped up onto the box and that’s when it all went horribly wrong for me. It was early in the morning so the wetness on the features was not 100% dry yet. When I jumped on I planned to hit the step down transfer from the yellow bank to the purple hip landing. My front tire slid out on my as I was going up the bank and sent me half on the landing and half onto the fence. I slightly remember a second before impact that I knew this was not going to go over well. I slid my face across the cobblestone and hurt pretty much every part on my body. Being super winded on the ground gasping for air when I opened my eyes all I saw was German dudes hold white sheets around me as if I was dead or something. That really freaked me out so I torn the sheets out of there hands and slowly got up to my feet and walked away with the doctors. My injuries were a bruised sternum; both rib cages were bruised as well. My knee was super swollen, burn mark on my face and a nice wood cut on my hip. I couldn’t take deep breaths or I was in a lot of pain, walking hurt so much. I tried to ride but any quick movements put me down. It was not a good morning…. The Claw told me that I am lucky even to be walking from that crash. He watched it on the TV above, as he was next in line. So I guess I got out of it pretty well.

At least the bright side was that I was in Germany, a beautiful place and at an amazing event with all my friends and fans. So I sat back and watched the show go down!

Overall I had the best time ever, wish I could have ridden but that’s the she goes in this sport. One season you’re on top of your game, the next your injured at every event you attend. Puts a huge damper on everything.

I’d like to thank Tarek Rasouli and the Rasoulition Team for hosting a great event and end to the world tour. Also to all the sponsors of the event, thank you!

Well that’s a wrap on my first time to Europe, I know it won’t be the last so stay tuned!

Casey Groves

Thanks to:

Transition Bikes

Fox Racing Shox

Straitline Components

Troy Lee Designs




SPY Optic

Five Ten

Industry Nine

Demon Dirt


Rock Star Energy Drink

Cyclepath kelowna

Camp of Champions


Friday, September 9, 2011

See you in Vegas!

So, this is it. We are off to Vegas for our tv premier at the IMX for 

If anyone is attending the show and if you wish to view our gear please swing by outdoor demo booth # D4901 and Indoor #3088. It will be marked ELKA suspension but Hosted by our Friends at Cove bikes.

See all of you soon!


Gregory George Parish the 14th

(You can call me Greg)

Marketing and Brand Development

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Off to Interbike as terrorist cells!

Every time I travel I enjoy playing with the system and what really gives me pleasure is attending Vegas under fake names.

It gives me great joy to show  little that show screens it’s attendee's especially when people spend a lot of money getting there to meet key people.

Here is my dream team for 2011 listed in RED

Primary Contact Information

Order Number:  38216
Badge Number:  230520
Reg Type:  Pending Buyer
Company:  Straitline Components
Street Address:  2-10019 Galaran rd
Street Address 2: 
City:  Sidney
State/Province:  BC
Zip/Postal Code:  V8L 5X3
Country:  Canada
Phone:  2506556603


Primary Contact Information

Order Number:  38216
Badge Number:  230521
Reg Type:  Pending Buyer
Company:  Straitline Components
Street Address:  2-10019 Galaran rd
Street Address 2: 
City:  Sidney
State/Province:  BC
Zip/Postal Code:  V8L 5X3
Country:  Canada
Phone:  2506556603


Primary Contact Information

Order Number:  38216
Badge Number:  230522
Reg Type:  Pending Buyer
Company:  Straitline Components
Street Address:  2-10019 Galaran rd
Street Address 2: 
City:  Sidney
State/Province:  BC
Zip/Postal Code:  V8L 5X3
Country:  Canada
Phone:  2506556603


Primary Contact Information

Order Number:  38216
Badge Number:  230522
Reg Type:  Pending Buyer
Company:  Straitline Components
Street Address:  2-10019 Galaran rd
Street Address 2: 
City:  Sidney
State/Province:  BC
Zip/Postal Code:  V8L 5X3
Country:  Canada
Phone:  2506556603

And in case my team gets tasered by Homeland Security I go as myself just to be safe.

Primary Contact Information

Order Number:  38216
Badge Number:  230517
Reg Type:  Pending Buyer
Name:  Greg Parish
Company:  Straitline Components
Street Address:  2-10019 Galaran rd
Street Address 2: 
City:  Sidney
State/Province:  BC
Zip/Postal Code:  V8L 5X3
Country:  Canada
Phone:  2506556603

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sicklines tours Devinci and ride our race ring!


Good to hear and see a fellow manufacturer capturing their facilities on tape. Why more do not show off their methods is beyond me, it is good to see what you buy being made with such finesse!

You’ll notice the RaceRing installed, hard anodised and simple.

Be sure to sign up and visit the premier of Gnarly Metal and come see us on stage… info here:

Gnarly Metal_trailer on

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Straitline’s Eurobike display by KAI KAI~

Our friend Christian from The KAIKAI Company designed our new packaging and even our Euro booth lay out this year while we stayed home to focus on Interbike.  The man is fast designer and I never really need to babysit him much as he bangs out winners on the 1st to second try.

Take a peek!


I couldn’t make it this year so we blew up my fat head in the lower corner so that Richard from Morewood Bikes wouldn't go into panic attacks after learning about my absence.


New AMP Stem, just in computer model for now, we ran out of time this year and are releasing this in October.


Our current lien up of SSC stems and Direct mounts with our Hard anodised Race rings above.


New Limited Edition Guide was also created by Christian, nothing too wild but the point is he whipped it up in the night and even supplied a promo video  Click this link to check it out and pump the volume up


New Amps at 328 grams per pair and 280 with titanium axles.


Generation 2 gyro on display currently being tested by Mike Montgomery/ Cam McCaul / Brandon Seminuk / Casey Groves and soon Darren Berrecloth and Danny Mackaskill.

This item is the definition of “If you build it they will come”!IMG_3906

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy Livin’

Scope this little edit that my buddies Kyle, Iggy, and I put together last week!  Good times back home!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cam McCaul’s Gyro and his new ride!

Cam McCaul piloted this Trek Slope prototype to the top of the podium at Crankworx Colorado

Just stumbled upon this in Bike Radar

Cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype: cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype

Above is generation 1 Gyro to prove a concept and we have now moved onto Generation 2. Seminuk just called to say that he is pumped, “Zero friction at all, you can’t even tell that it is there”!

Have a read:

For most of us, the back brake is there to slow us down, bring us to a stop or initiate the occasional rear wheel drift to impress friends. Cam McCaul, winner of this year's Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle, has a different use for his: front flips.

“I use it to initiate the rotation off the lip, which kicks the bike forward a tiny bit and locks up the cranks, giving a good platform to push off of to get my body weight over the bike,” he told BikeRadar. With such a different take on what a bike’s abilities should be, we decided to take a closer look at McCaul’s custom Trek Slope prototype.

“The bikes we used to use were Frankenstein bikes so this is the first one that’s totally its own bike. It’s also the first Full Floater slopestyle bike, too," said McCaul, referring to the proprietary dual-link suspension design already used on bikes like the Trek Remedy, Fuel EX and Top Fuel.

According to Trek R&D engineer Ted Alsop, McCaul’s bike is one of only five in existence. “Cam and Brandon [Semenuk] each have one, we have the two original prototypes in Waterloo, and we just sent Anneke Beeren one to race four-cross on," he said.

Cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype: cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype

Cam McCaul's slopestyle rig is one of only five Trek Slopes in existence

The frames are built by Trek’s Advanced Concept Group at the company's headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin using a mix of production and custom CNC parts. “We use tubing used in the Session, Scratch and Remedy, and custom-build the rocker links, their pivots, the chainstay and seatstay yokes, and the bottom brackets,” Alsop said.

Design-wise the Slope has incredibly short 15.75in chainstays, more progressive rear suspension than any other bike in the Trek line and a very low standover height. As for geometry, the Slope mimics that of Trek’s Long Ticket hardtail, which helps McCaul and Semenuk switch back and forth between the two bikes.

To withstand the harsh landings secondary to huge air, McCaul gives the Slope's suspension an even more progressive feel by running a specially-valved Fox Float R shock that has the slightest bit of plushness on the top end of the stroke but ramps up very quickly. This complements his Fox 831 fork up front, which he says is “plenty progressive and adjustable, bone-stock”.Cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype: cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype

A hollow top cap bolt and prototype Straitline gyro allow McCaul to pull barspins unhindered by the brake hoses

McCaul’s ability to do endless bar-spins and tail-whips is thanks to several modifications. To take care of the brake housing, a Pott's Mod-style top cap allows the front hydraulic housing to snake through the fork’s steerer tube and directly down to the front caliper, bypassing any interference from the frame.

A prototype Straitline gyro is used for the rear brake housing; McCaul says this should be making its way to production soon. “The last generation prototype worked well, but usually needed new seals after each contest. I’ve had this one since June and it hasn’t needed new seals yet.” he said.

To keep the shifter housing out of the way, McCaul uses a custom mount for his stock Shimano Saint rear shifter, attaching it to the down tube via water bottle bosses. “I’ve been running the shifter on the down tube since ’06," he said. "It’s pretty much a ‘shift it and forget it’ design, which works well for slopestyle. I usually take a run or two to figure out gearing, then leave it in that gear for the weekend.”

Cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype: cam mccaul’s trek slope prototype

A Shimano Saint shifter mounted on the down tube helps keep the cockpit clear of cables

Another modification that’ll make the average cyclist cringe is a one-off bottom bracketretainer. With a small bolt threaded through the Slope’s bottom bracket shell, McCaul can increase or decrease spindle friction in order to keep his pedals in place for tricks like Superman backflips.

Between the bolt and the spindle is a flat piece of rubber, which is said to be a little thicker than a standard inner tube. “We used to run a brass bolt straight onto the spindle, but the feel was too inconsistent. This new setup is much better,” McCaul said.

As of right now, there are no current plans for Trek to make a production Slope. But if McCaul, Semenuk and the R&D crew making the bike have their way, that’ll hopefully soon change.

Complete bike specifications              

  • Frame: Trek Slope prototype, 100mm travel
  • Rear shock: Fox Float R with custom valving
  • Fork: Fox 32 831 RL, 130mm,15QR
  • Headset: Cane Creek
  • Stem: Bontrager Rhythm Pro, 50mm
  • Handlebar: Bontrager Rhythm Pro, 711mm
  • Grips: Bontrager lock-ons
  • Front brake: Shimano Saint, 160mm Ice Tech disc
  • Rear brake: Shimano Saint, 160mm Ice Tech disc
  • Brake levers: Shimano Saint
  • Chain device: E*thirteen LG1
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Saint, short cage
  • Shift lever: Shimano Saint
  • Cassette: Shimano Ultegra, 12-25T, 10-speed
  • Chain: Shimano 6600
  • Crankset: Shimano Saint, 170mm, e*thirteen 36T chainring
  • Bottom bracket: Shimano Saint
  • Pedals: Shimano DX
  • Rims: Bontrager Big Earl rear, Rhythm Pro front
  • Front hub: Bontrager Rhythm Pro, 32-hole
  • Rear hub: Bontrager Rhythm Pro, 32-hole
  • Spokes: Unknown, two-cross front and rear
  • Front tire: Maxxis Larsen TT Max Pro 60a, 26x2.35in
  • Rear tire: Maxxis Larsen TT Max Pro 60a, 26x2.35in
  • Saddle: Bontrager Rhythm Pro
  • Seatpost: Bontrager Rhythm Pro
  • Other accessories: Straitline gyro prototype

Critical measurements:

  • Rider's height: 1.73m (5ft 8in)
  • Rider's weight: 72.57kg (160lb)
  • Seat tube length, c-t: 330mm
  • Seat tube length, c-c: 290mm
  • Top tube length: 600mm
  • Bottom bracket height: 337mm
  • Head tube angle: 67.5 degrees

You can follow BikeRadar on Twitter at and on Facebook

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shot in Decline!

Got a shot in the last issue of Decline with this 1-foot x-up at Teva Games!  Stoked!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sicklines opinion on the new AMP’S


The Sicklines crew is a blunt crew and we love that about the site.

Never Ever do you get a rainbows and butterflies review, they up hold a critical view on all items as they should as a consumers guide to gear. The flipside to that is brands want fluffy rainbow and butterfly reviews or they won’t advertise. 

Hat’s off to not giving a f**k!

When Straitline is in need of accurate information so that we can design or research or simply buy something personal you’ll find the engineers on the Sicklines site.

Lets commence with the Sicklines review.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Summer Video!

I left my house on the morning of May 31st, not knowing what I was getting myself into. It was an epic summer filled with nothing but good times! I went to Teva Games, up to Victoria for Jump Ship, over to Whistler where I coached at Camp of Champions, down to Colorado for Crankworx Colorado, back to the island for the Bearclaw Invitational, and finally back to Whistler to chill for a bit before trucking home. 7804 miles and 74 days later I was back, and had plenty of footage to put this edit together in order to share the trip with you!

The video's over 16 minutes long, so I broke it up into sections as well:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Sunday with Mike Montgomery

I was recently informed that Banshee would be producing a batch of Banshee Amps painted to match the bikes that I have been riding all season. I was pretty stoked to get custom painted frames and even more stoked to know that they will be available to the public.

I decided to go out with two of my friends Danny and Donnie (from NKOTB) and film a short edit to welcome the frames into the world.

A Sunday with Mike Montgomery on

I am not sure how many frames will be available or when they will be available. Stay tuned to for more information and go over to Pinkbike to leave comments on the video.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Seminuk is the world champ!

Congrats to Brandon! 2011 FMBA World ChampionThe Podium, left to right, Anthony Messere 2nd, Brandon Semenuk 1st, Darren Berrecloth 3rd.

Precision and attention to detail gets Semenuk to the top. He was back in the park on the Sunday after winning Crankworx, practicing and training to win again. Most people would star fish and nurse the hang over but not this one. Here, he takes a couple of seconds to work with Shawn on set up.

Brandon rode our new Gyro along with McCaul and Montgomery to multiple podiums this summer and between those three we have now moved to generation 2 with apposing tech inside to see which one is the winner.

Dennis one of the Engineers sat down with Cam and Darren to go over pro’s and cons of the system for feedback after claws event, to go over the new designs. Super stoked to have all the big names on our gyro.


And if you missed the Invitational wow, best show to date, super sexy course big big big jumps. Here is Brandons 720 tail whip to win!

Semenuk with what looks like a stretched out whip, the reality is that this is the first part of the double whip at the end of his first run...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Straitline Gyro’s podium 1st and 2nd!


Pretty stoked to see a podium shot like this with Cam in 1st and Brandon in 2nd, both on our new Hyrdaulic Gyro system!

 Top three left to right; Brandon Semenuk in 2nd, Cam McCaul in 1st and Sam Pilgrim in 3rd.

I’m sure you all tuned in or saw this but here is a recap.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Colorado Crankworxs… 4 SL riders Qualified!

Just watched the qualifying round live on Pinkbike… audio was horrible but great to see the guys get in the big event tomorrow.

Straitline Riders in main event are…

Jack Fogelquist  - Pedals

Eric Lawrenuk  - Pedals

Cam McCaul  - Hydraulic Hyro

Brandon Seminuk - Hydraulic Gyro

And Anthony Messere is getting a hyrdo asap after killing the Whistler course.

Groves is banned from the states until paper work gets filed and Montgomery is attending a family function and had to pass.

Watch the event tomorrow at 2pm west coast time

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Edge Factor show films Straitline


I saw Edge Factors Chilean episode when I walked in on the guys glued to the screen in awe of this new concept tv show. I emailed Jeremy with a joke slid in on how I will kill myself on Youtube if they cover a cheese factory instead of us and I guess it worked because he called the next day.


I talk a lot of Sh*t but this is biking and it is fun so we have fun but I’ll shut up and show you the teaser now…

Truly Honoured to be apart of this.

Please watch the Chilean miner rescue, these guys were the unsung hero's of that global rescue we all watched on CNN.

Edge Factor - Chilean Mine Rescue from Edge Factor on Vimeo.

Montgomery’s pinkbike bike check

Mike had a sweet ass run in the finals this weekend in Slopestyle… unfortunately his backflip barhop had his seat tap his back sending the bike the opposite direction. The trick was risky and he got deducted points just missing the finals.
But, he’ll be back and it’s no big thing, just more time to train right.
Here is Mikes Bike check with
Mike Montgomery Bike Check on
Mike's 100mm travel Banshee Rampant uses Manitou suspension front and rear, although he sets it up extremely stiff so he can still get maximum pop off of the lips. His rig is also equipped with Straitline's hydraulic gyro, allowing him to spin the bars without worrying about ripping out a brake line.
Watch Freerides overview of the event, you can see Mikes backflip Barhop and tap his seat on Vital.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Straitline’s Gyro on the 1st place podium!

Brandon takes first place on our Gryo system and now has more money than you and I! The first place check was $10,000 more than last years at $25,000! His precision style always ensures he hits the podium and it wasn’t a shock to see the scoreboard after his second run.



After the shot was taken below, Brandon was swiftly arrested for force feeding 15 year old minor Anthony Massere alcohol.  I made that up.

But what a show it was this year, super fun course to watch and the riders obviously liked it by the way they ALL threw down as apposed to every other year when only a few choose to throw down.

Big thanks to the Pinkbike crew and Redbull for letting us sit in the death star tower for the show. I was next to Brandons Mom and had to give her play by play when he did his runs because she couldn’t watch her son compete at this level of insanity.


Stoked to have Brandon on the Gyro and expect another blog on judging and our other riders Montgomery and McCaul that threw down. Montgomery got a 63.4? I guess stubbing your toe on one run deducts 30 points minimum.Crankworx 2011