Thursday, September 1, 2011

Straitline’s Eurobike display by KAI KAI~

Our friend Christian from The KAIKAI Company designed our new packaging and even our Euro booth lay out this year while we stayed home to focus on Interbike.  The man is fast designer and I never really need to babysit him much as he bangs out winners on the 1st to second try.

Take a peek!


I couldn’t make it this year so we blew up my fat head in the lower corner so that Richard from Morewood Bikes wouldn't go into panic attacks after learning about my absence.


New AMP Stem, just in computer model for now, we ran out of time this year and are releasing this in October.


Our current lien up of SSC stems and Direct mounts with our Hard anodised Race rings above.


New Limited Edition Guide was also created by Christian, nothing too wild but the point is he whipped it up in the night and even supplied a promo video  Click this link to check it out and pump the volume up


New Amps at 328 grams per pair and 280 with titanium axles.


Generation 2 gyro on display currently being tested by Mike Montgomery/ Cam McCaul / Brandon Seminuk / Casey Groves and soon Darren Berrecloth and Danny Mackaskill.

This item is the definition of “If you build it they will come”!IMG_3906

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pedalhound said...

Looks awesome. I was going to get a race face turbine stem...but I think I will hold off for a bit for the AMP stem.