Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIRTS TOP 100 2011

First off we would like to thank our family, we couldn’t have done it without them. And of course God and Jesus for all the long chats and if it wasn’t for our awesomeness, we wouldn’t be able to accept this award tonight. And Old Spice. Definitely a big thanks to Old Spice for helping us Keep it real.


DIRT 100 2011 002

Unsure if you can click this photo and zoom in enough on the text but it basically explains how we are highly acclaimed and a bit about us pissing excellence and our fresh gear and the manly smell that you catch a scent of when opening our packages.


DIRT 100 2011 001

But seriously very honored and stoked to be in the top 100 this year, the Silent guide won over its simplicity and lack of any moving parts.  E13’s LG1 and MRP also took top spots and its a cool feeling to come out of the blue and land a spot with the heavy weights of the guide world. 


Go out and get the mag, these guys have a very fair way of judging gear.

Fogelsode S2 #4: Rebirth of the Step-Up

About a month ago we started giving the step-up a major overhaul, beginning with a shopping spree at the local lumber yard.  It’s been quite the process of getting the lip build, painting it, and getting it over there, but it was all worth it to say the least!  It’s been some great times having some wicked seshes with new tricks and good laughs.  Good ‘ol winter!


Photo Cred: Davin Pena

Ryan’s Stoke you out finale… see if you won some Stoke!


This last installment of Ryan's Stoke you out should just be Vancouver Islands Tourism video. If you ever saw any of our Tourism videos they are full of happy seniors, golf courses, nice dinning room settings with a cliché Orca thrown in to let you know that we have Orca Pods. Screw that it’s beer, guns, quads and bikes ideally with dead salmon in your boat with a Resident Pod of Orcas swimming by angry because you stole lunch. This is what they should be showing the masses.


Watch this video and have a peek at where we live and be sure to click the link for the full story and to see the winners of all the prize packs.

Full article:



“It's a little known fact that Darren is down with anything that includes being a redneck. Going hunting, fishing, 4x4'n, sledding, riding moto and ATV’s in addition to riding mountain bikes is how he occupies his time. Hanging at his house for the weekend is always a mini vacation because there is never a lack of fun things to do.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stoke me out 11 with the GodFather

The title says it all, I’m just stoked to even have our gear within 10 ft of Wade, truly my favorite rider of all time and still dripping style.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Mike and Tyler’s Awesome Pool Party!

As the super happy Anonymous reader has commented in the post on my earlier blog… Vital has first crack at this worlds first trick attempt put on by Mike and Tyler. Keep your eyes peeled on this site for first peeks of what goes down as Mike and Tyler push themselves for the sake of the sport.

Spam the crap out of this video and get it around and watch this over crappy TV re-runs of Scrooge.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Straitline Kona National team!

Our kick ass distributor, Ty  at Groupe Sportif in Melbourne as seen below with my Office Paint sun glasses added on for extra cool has put together his National race team and of course Straitline is a sponsor, full kit.

 Ty Stab bubbles copy

Check it out here for full info http://cog.konaworld.com/archives/6022?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4d0be53fe2eb0c67%2C0


Kona Project S2 Ep 1 from Sean Anderson on Vimeo.

Montgomery/ McCaul/ Brantley/ Big Ass Ramps!

Pick your flavor but keep your eyes peeled on one of these for an epic teaser. Strailtine’s mike Montgomery is going to stick a 1080 while Tyler McCaul shoots for a quad tail whip. Spam the hell out of this please, it's their x-mas gift to all of us.


Keep an eye on these links:





Dunbar cycles reviews the Elka Fork Cartridge

"Elka's new Stage 4 fork cartridges just arrived at the shop and we wasted no time installing them into our personal forks to see what the fuss is all about. We have high hopes for these new units after being very impressed by their rear shock's performance. While it's still early days, you can read our initial impression of the Stage 4 inside. Were they up to the task or did the cartridges spontaneously combust, causing a cataclysmic reaction destroying the entire north shore? "

Full review and video in this link:

Psst... this film was shot by Straitlines Andrew Mitchell because he forgot his lid, pretty good for ameature vid. Enjoy the Straitline bling peppered on that build.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Andi Wittman likes tramps

He truly does and check out his training sessions at Woodward for full details in the next link




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Squamish BC - in your face!

Ryan has another installment of Stoke you out, click this link for all the contest info and claim your swag!





Side note… the new Olympic signage that they put up on the way to Squamish and Whistler use a traditional Native spelling of Squamish and it has the number 7 in it?


No clue please do the research for me and get back after reading this thing full of words http://www.billposer.org/Papers/bclgnames.pdf


Took this shot of the Cheif in Squamish when I rented a hotel with Josh from QBP- there was other people, not just him and I. I swear!

XCOC2010X 062

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Straitline’s family in one giant VOD in Whistler!

All my crew in one spot and in today's VOD on Pinkbike. Got to love this, Alan Hepburn, Ryan Berrecloth, Mike Montgomery, Casey Groves, Jack Fogelquist, Gareth Dyer and Camp of Champions friends all in a VOD for Ryans #4 of Stoke you out.   http://www.pinkbike.com/video/171799/

Bammmmm boyyyy!- I just watched Flavor Flav house of love so it’s my new saying.

Mike Montgomery snags some media spots!

I have yet to see a mountain bike magazine that didn't use this shot world wide. Mike snagged a full double page for being the only idiot to ride his hardtail in this years Krankworks.

Most of us wouldn't drop the Monster banner's height on a hardtail, let alone a 60ft step down. Nuts how you have to throw down like this to win these days, mad respect.

Just a cool shot from this years camp at Camp of Champions where Mike is a coach along most Straitline riders.

The issue he is in, not sure how to get it in Canada but give it a whirl.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Article in Mountain Bike Action

Got an article in Mountain Bike Action, check it out!

** click the picture and have a read, blow it up with control +**

Dean Tennant training video

I love how much Island content is coming out! Deaner is a local and is our Andrew Mitchells Team mate on the Dunbar Cycles team and Victoria’s First World Cup team, huge high five! And high five for Dean rocking the SL 50 boxxer, it obviously shaves some time off his runs. It’s not the rider who is fast its the stem he chooses… so we claim!


So check out Dean’s training regime and yes it is off season and when you live in Victoria you can ride all year long.


Filmed by Larroque-

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ryan touched my Stoke!

Straitline’s Ryan Berrecloth has installed the 6th installment of “Ryan wants to Stoke You Out!” basically he wants to pass on what it is like to receive a box of gear in the mail from his sponsors. It’s great until you accept a box from me at Straitline!


Click this link for full story and contest details!


Now check out my favorite prank of all time… the coveted Man Box prank!


Click here to learn how to Man Box a friend with style.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who wants to go to Whistler?

This is Mike Montgomery, entering this video contest by Camp of Champions could earn you a spot next to him at Camp.

1 Week at Camp of Champions!

Simple rules… just click this link and watch this video and enter to be cool!


This vid is mainly shot at the compound up in Whistler and it opens up with me walking into Ryans frame with my girlfriend staring into the lens scared. I told everyone that day I was going to try a flip into the air bag, but Ryan wouldn’t let me because as you can see me limp by with my bunk leg. Glad I never climbed the ramp with my aircast on, its not all what it cracks up to be when you land, you still take a bit of impact on the legs.


Alan Hepburn and Jack fogel rip it up in this segment along with Mike, check it out.