Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who wants to go to Whistler?

This is Mike Montgomery, entering this video contest by Camp of Champions could earn you a spot next to him at Camp.

1 Week at Camp of Champions!

Simple rules… just click this link and watch this video and enter to be cool!

This vid is mainly shot at the compound up in Whistler and it opens up with me walking into Ryans frame with my girlfriend staring into the lens scared. I told everyone that day I was going to try a flip into the air bag, but Ryan wouldn’t let me because as you can see me limp by with my bunk leg. Glad I never climbed the ramp with my aircast on, its not all what it cracks up to be when you land, you still take a bit of impact on the legs.


Alan Hepburn and Jack fogel rip it up in this segment along with Mike, check it out.


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