Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIRTS TOP 100 2011

First off we would like to thank our family, we couldn’t have done it without them. And of course God and Jesus for all the long chats and if it wasn’t for our awesomeness, we wouldn’t be able to accept this award tonight. And Old Spice. Definitely a big thanks to Old Spice for helping us Keep it real.


DIRT 100 2011 002

Unsure if you can click this photo and zoom in enough on the text but it basically explains how we are highly acclaimed and a bit about us pissing excellence and our fresh gear and the manly smell that you catch a scent of when opening our packages.


DIRT 100 2011 001

But seriously very honored and stoked to be in the top 100 this year, the Silent guide won over its simplicity and lack of any moving parts.  E13’s LG1 and MRP also took top spots and its a cool feeling to come out of the blue and land a spot with the heavy weights of the guide world. 


Go out and get the mag, these guys have a very fair way of judging gear.


Sneeck said...

I thought I smelled some expensive cuban cigar when I opend the package...

Congrats guys, you deserve it! After all it is your design and hard work that gone into it to make it work.

Now let's move on to a decent priced 2 of 3 ring guide and i'm all in.

Straitline Components said...

How about you simply rub the remaining scent of Old Spice all over your chest and man up that mountain with 1 ring!

The extra manly confidence acquired by the OldSpice will fill your lungs with manliness and you'll never run 3 rings ever again!

Trust me, I know all too well.