Monday, January 3, 2011

Fogelsode S2 #5: James' Santa Cruz Trip

James Visser just made the trip up here from San Diego to ride and chill for a week.  Due to the steady rain, most spots were far from running, but with a little work we got in a nice session on Hone’s jumps early in the week.  The trails were running great despite a few puddles here and there, so we got some runs in out there as well.  However, we spent the most time at the step-up, as the sand soaks up most of the rain and it runs great this time of year.  Towards the end of the week we got a big sesh going out there, with Greg throwing down some big tricks like a bar to tailwhip and even a double flip!  James went for the double flip, and got close, but under rotated on one and landed right on his head.  Thankfully he was perfectly fine after a moment of shock, so everyone decided to call it after that.  It was a rad week of shredding, enjoy!

James did quite a bit of filming with his GoPro as well, so check out his view of the week in his latest video!


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