Thursday, March 27, 2008

Check this Giant STP out!

This STP would probably be the bike Jesus will show up on when he comes back. GIMME-ETH THY STP-ETH!!

We did all the color matching remote with the help of Lenosky and Sean Kerr of Giant Canada so this was the first we got our grubby hands on a frame.

Jeff has been teasing us with shots of the build so finally we got to check it out in person. Sadly this frame has to go back tomorrow since it is Sean's and he has this thing about trust he needs to work on.

JLO STP pedals are heading off for a limited run so throw in the pre-orders to snag a set and contact your local distributor for more info!!

Bike park in full swing!

Straitline Components is neck deep in developing a modern bike park here in our backyard in Sidney BC. We have been collaborating with many local business owners to make this thing a success. It has been a year of bi monthly meetings and scheming to get to this point and we are blown away at what has been happening.

To build a local park it would cost around a $100,000 no biggy but we decided what if we build a modern park, junk all previous ideas of how a park should be built call it a fitness park and do it for free!

Pretty much impossible but we have pulled it off with the help of no less than 3 excavation firms stepping up to the plate to help out.

Kyle Michell is our park design and construction guru, he is currently in Switzerland building a BMX worlds track and back here this week.

This park is going to be FREE! What a concept build it for free and let you ride it for free. Please check out and keep an eye on it. I am running two blogs so i get behind at times but most info will be posted there.

Casey Groves Brocation in Kamloops!

Normally I would have a snazzy screen shot of a video but today my computer has out SMeRTED me so here is a link instead!

Casey Groves is need of some props for his progressive style and I think it is about time he gets some recognition. Being invited to ride with the best of the best this summer at various dirt jams Casey is sure to throw down and get scouted by some well known firms this year.

Check out Pinkbikes exposure on the Brocation last weekend.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jeff Lenosky Style!

Jeff is bringing his style to Sea Otter this year by replacing the DJ competition with his custom urban/freeride track. Anyone can huck like a monkey but races like these bring out whole different bag of skills needed to win!

Being a fan of Angels & Airwaves I thought this was pretty rad!
Jeff has a buddy at a local station who hooked him up for a private interview with Angels & Airwaves last month.
Check it out!

You want more Park?

And this is just the kids section...

Sorry Locals only... go build your own pumptrack!

Nah this is a free park and just a sample of whats to come in North Saanich.

This is about 1/3rd of the pump track starting out with a triple up into a flowy straight stretch that offers transfer lines and a big triple into a berm once you get into the flow.

And this is our last section to eb built- the pro section! The picture makes this look small but we piled our start ramp to 25 feet.

Stay tuned!

Dylan Tremblay shows his secret CKD line!

Dylan at home half way up a tree.

Dylan lives up island from us working his ass off building this trail outside of his full time job. Pinkbike did a interview with him where he finally shows off what he has been slaving over for ever, this trail is nuts.

Check this trail out on Pinkbike