Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bike park in full swing!

Straitline Components is neck deep in developing a modern bike park here in our backyard in Sidney BC. We have been collaborating with many local business owners to make this thing a success. It has been a year of bi monthly meetings and scheming to get to this point and we are blown away at what has been happening.

To build a local park it would cost around a $100,000 no biggy but we decided what if we build a modern park, junk all previous ideas of how a park should be built call it a fitness park and do it for free!

Pretty much impossible but we have pulled it off with the help of no less than 3 excavation firms stepping up to the plate to help out.

Kyle Michell is our park design and construction guru, he is currently in Switzerland building a BMX worlds track and back here this week.

This park is going to be FREE! What a concept build it for free and let you ride it for free. Please check out and keep an eye on it. I am running two blogs so i get behind at times but most info will be posted there.

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