Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Vacation BRB 2 weeks!

I -Greg- will be on on Vacation in Guatemala for a few weeks so all emails will be on auto respond. But the guys will be here so if its an emergency please email spi@shaw.ca or call 250-655-6603 for any answers or issues.

I like to joke around a lot but this is not a joke, I am really not in the office for 2 weeks so excuse my lack of response during that time.

Here is my Orbitz ticket, I hope airport security has a sense of humour!

In the mean time just hang out and play this game and beat my score -on work hours of course- of 1870 ft. Takes discipline and many hours of training to achieve a score like that.


Post your scores while at work!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brooklyn Machine Works and Knitting Factories!

Luke of BMW I have been best of friends since we both realised we have a messed up sense of humour.

He has sent us illegal fire crackers via air mail, condoms, family friendly videos such as Hatchet vs Genitals, but the best was his touching letter...

Luke pretty much wants to be me ever since I showed him my pimped out van with glass a glass roof and beer fridge on the dash, this makes Luke feel like a small man so he sent me shots of his new pad in Brooklyn!

"Your Van might be rad, but my living room now kicks ass:

Videos sound track is fitting for sure!

Brooklyn Machine Works 007 from Dan Bowhers on Vimeo.

Old renovated Knitting Factory...

Dustin Greenall Spring riding!

Dustin Greenall squeezed his first ride out for the season and sent some shots from Cranbrook! Dustin will be riding almost a full kit this year with SSC, stems /spacers/ caps and Platform pedals decked on all Banshee rides.

Dustin will also be back designing and building Darrens personal back yard lines and the ever growing Goat Style Jam, a jam that went from back yard sessions to full RedBull Sponsorships and Helicopters!

So get your buts to Creston this summer June 9th-12th!

Psst, here in Victoria BC you can ride year round, Dustin was on the island living with Darren Berrcloth but up island in the snow!! Got to be south island, Canada's hidden jewel.

Me in early Febuary...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Straitlines First World Cup Team!

Our new Spanish Distributor XMS -Xtreme Motion Sports started out wit ha bang getting us involved with the Devinci World Cup team this year.

Big Step for us but definitely exciting to prove your gear on the WorldCup Scene.

Pasqual Canals Toni Ferreiro Javier Guijarro and Andrew Mitchell our Local Canadian Champ, all on some pimped out Wilson 4's from Devinci.

Check out the full media release on Pinkbike