Monday, April 13, 2009

Dustin Greenall Spring riding!

Dustin Greenall squeezed his first ride out for the season and sent some shots from Cranbrook! Dustin will be riding almost a full kit this year with SSC, stems /spacers/ caps and Platform pedals decked on all Banshee rides.

Dustin will also be back designing and building Darrens personal back yard lines and the ever growing Goat Style Jam, a jam that went from back yard sessions to full RedBull Sponsorships and Helicopters!

So get your buts to Creston this summer June 9th-12th!

Psst, here in Victoria BC you can ride year round, Dustin was on the island living with Darren Berrcloth but up island in the snow!! Got to be south island, Canada's hidden jewel.

Me in early Febuary...

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aaronbq said...

hey Im aaron from méxico, so i've read about somethings in tha blog, well this is tha sh.t, we had some jump ramps or lines, but a non-club-rider died, so authorities practically destroy all'em do you know someone to help us to design new ones, so we can build??? here's my mail, if someone please!!!