Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada day today… so take off eh, back on Monday!

Well we like our beer and explosions, most do but we know how to party during Canada day so no point calling us until Monday!



Here is some Fine Canadian movie culture for you guys.

Camp is on son!


Straitline Factory riders Alan Hepburn, Casey Groves and Jack Folgelquist doing some evening sessions at the Camp of Champions compound after a day on the hill.


I am heading up to Whistler this Friday, sadly missing Hepburn and Casey who are off to the Goatstyle comp in Creston but Jack will be there and so will the jumbo 365 stunt bag!! I am out of my air cast but I am thinking about putting it back on just to experience that airbag, too cool to be true.

Ps… the Freeride bc bike park in North Saanich is open and ready for summer.


bike park 2010 july 006

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North Shore Bikes Legend build

Matt and the crew at North Shore bikes tend to build serious DH rigs for their clients and this Banshee Legend is prime example of their work.

This MKII is rocking our Silent guide and mated the 2010 Jeff Lenosky pedal with the 24 karat gold pins to stealth black Atlas cranks.  Black is back folks!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp of Champions Compound… WTF?

Camp of Champions is the funnest place to hang out at  on and off the mountain, everyone is relaxed and just focused on play time and this video explains it all.

Casey Groves, Alan Hepburn Straitline’s Factory riders are up there as we speak testing the new stunt bag out with of Course Garth Dyer.


This season all the bikes are decked to the hilt in race gear from Straitline, Race Face, Chromag and Spank and the bikes are all the DH flagships… Banshee legend… Transition TR450… Morewood Makulas… Santa Cruz V10… with NS BIKES / Spank bikes filling the DJ void.

More shots to come but take a peek. All bikes will be decked in our silent guide Pedals, Boxxer 5omm stems and Platform pedals.legend

And… I am on a cane now and still not cleared to ride until Xmas so I hope it rains

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anyone else see a lot of the same out there?

This is not intended to start a war or anything but wow, there is a lot of duplicated gear on the market and the pr sheets are funny as hell to read on how they are different. 

I saw this video from Jon Lajoie and it was too funny not to share but his lyrics do make a point. All the same, more marketing than product design. The part on the token rap to me is like the token mentioning of the Shore or the term Aerospace grade, solid billet blah blah blah.

Turn up the speakers for this one.


A lot of mimicry but I guess that is to be expected and even we had a hard time making our SSC and Boxxer Ultra stems pop out from the pack.

Looks like the other guys stuff but just a bit different.clones blog on similarities

Sicklines with our Elixir blades

Sicklines always does a thorough review of the gear they test and are by no means shy on telling us what they think and we enjoy their opinions. Even though they are probably laundering money and cheating the tax system, they are a good group of guys who spit the truth.

Check out the Elixir review here.

Now, after I posted this up John from the Phillipines asked about his Carbon CR blades that he has broken.
Keep in mind that we fit with no issue the ELIXIR R & CR  models WITH the Aluminum blades.
John, you have the models with the Carbon Fiber blades and would need to source out from SRAM part no. 11.5015.028.000 & 11.5015.028.000 this includes the Elixir Lever Pushrod and the Coupling Kit, Elixir Lever Service Kit.

If you own an ELIXIR 5 you would also need a kit but for this model only the Lever Pushrod is needed, SRAM part number 11.5015.028.000

So Elixir R/CR high five, good choice but unfortunatley SRAM made changes on the other models and you will need a kit that they only sell, too costly for us to reproduce.

I hope that helps John.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Adam Brayton Show

We sponsor Adam not because he is fast and rides flats on all the world cups but because he talks out of his ass! Refreshing to see a fun video and Adam will be giving us a course walk of all the cups.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Hate Race Plates!

Just throwing this out there but how about we abolish the Race Plate for arm bands instead, or at least make them see through plates so that they quit covering up our stems!

Googling arm bands with safe search off can sometimes produce the wrong images. It was either this or kids in pools, I had to make a choice.


But my point being, arm bands minus this guys leather matching outfit should take the place of annoying race plates. Just saying it out loud, look at the race shot…nice stem!

Our Canadian Distributor Lama Cycles posted a cool race report and the entire team is on our Ultra 28 mm series Boxxer stem but you will have to take my word for it!

WEB SHOTS 2010 183

Take a quick view of their team race report over on Pinkbike to see what I mean and to look at their coverage of the races.



And to make up for the opening shot watch this video.

FreerideBC Bike Park is so sick! is a little project we at Straitlinestarted 4 years ago. I am the President of the society and admittedly the worst President on earth but at least I admit it.


Kyle Michell  and Andrew Mitchell have reshaped the intermediate lines in preparation to soil tac treatment over the past week or so and they are chiseled once again.

Here is Kyle and Drew trying to look tough for a photo posted on the fence asking kids to stay out until we are done.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz1 001

It wouldn’t keep me out, they look like a bunch of push over's, but the missing tooth is pretty core Drew.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz1 002

As a back up plan, we have enlisted our local grommit Jon Stanners to help smack heads when and if people start disrespecting our work in progress.

bike park 2010 008

Anyways,this is not showing the bowls and hips they placed in and out of the lines. I’m limited to how far I can walk in with my bunk leg so use your imagination but we started scratch again since the previous jumps were looking park 2010 003

The Large rock right of the digger is the kicker to enter the pro lines, I’ll try and get a better angle in the coming days but they are building some crazy lines, stoked to show it park 2010 002


Local pro BMX rider Matt Bear is helping plan the flow of the lines and test ride it as Kyle and drew shape the course.

bike park 2010 006

This view is just over a third of the park from the entrance gate, we have a lot to do and an entire treed section to build in so keep your eyes peeled.

bike park 2010 001

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sicklines Gravity East #2 Coverage

To be honest I am growing tired of the pop music played over riding videos and This video caught my attention.

My favorite is the end at 3:20 onward

Check it out!

2010 Gravity East #2 - Seven Springs, PA from Sick Lines on Vimeo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Right and Wrong..what’s the difference?

The question we all must answer on a daily basis. Shoot gun at police or help old lady across the street who knows what the day may bring but we make choices every second of everyday.


The right way and the wrong way can be explained in these following images.

Jason Nixon from sporting our Silent guide during testing…

Jason demonstrates the Right way.


Now the opposite of Right…

Wrong!  Patton falling1

This is an unfortunate situation and I heard he was okay but the sequence is a must see and reminded me of some injury stats that I saw on neck injuries.

Riders last name is Patton, first name unknown yet but we hope he had painless roll and all is well.

Patton falling2

This is an example of everything just going wrong. Just As the title suggests ,the jump in this video is a bit hairy and it is always best to let a friend speed test it first.

Casey Groves @ Teva taking 3rd!

Straitline factory rider Casey Groves takes 3rd at the Teva games with BC local and COVE rider Eric Lawrenuk and Paul Bass taking second.

Casey’s words taken from PINKBIKE.COM
“Last weekend in Vail, Colorado the Teva Mountain Games were held once again and it was fantastic! I had never been to Teva before so I really wanted to make the trip out there. The course always looked awesome and it seemed like everyone was having a blast with each other.
Come on in for the rest of the story!

*Title shot of Eric Lawrenuk by*
Two months ago I received a phone call from Wes Graham (Goatstyle Director). He wanted me and my dad to come with him and the Goatstyle crew to Teva. I immediately got the ball rolling. I had my flight booked and so did my dad. I was looking forward on the trip and realized that I would be the only one in the condo who would be riding in any of the events, and it kinda weakened me. So I thought... Why not invite a friend?! I drove up to Benton Leong's house and asked him to join us! Sure enough, the next thing we knew, we were packing up bike boxes and heading to Spokane to meet up with the crew and catch our flight!
Our flight was delayed for about 5 hours, which led Benton and I into missing the first day's practice. We arrived at the Antler's lodge around midnight. Ben and I built up our bikes and went to bed. The next morning was great! Eggs, Bacon and Toast were waiting for us on the table! Thanks to Papa Groves for that! We hopped aboard our bikes and rode to Vail Village to see what was happening.

Around noon we met up with Justin Wyper, Reece Wallace, Sam Dueck, Noah Bousseau and Mike Dekoning. They were just going to watch the qualifying of the Dual Stunt. Benton and I had them point us in the direction of the slopestyle course and we adventured over to check it out. The course was sweet, nothing too big or scary, but enough to have fun and throw down. Practice was later that day, so Ben and I headed to stay hydrated and energized. Practice that evening was really good, although the high elevation was pretty hard on us as we got everything down pat.
Now enough of me talking, I have made a video for you to watch how Benton and I did. We had a broken tripod and a drunk filmer for qualifying and finals so runs are missing and the camera is shaking at times, ha ha!

Views:11542    Faves:246    Comments:43
Top 5
Eric Lawrenuk
Paul Bass
Casey Groves
Logan Peat
Jamie Goldman

I would like to thank all my sponsors for getting me too Teva as well as getting me where I am today! Big thanks to everyone!
Casey Groves
Transition Bikes Co
Rockstar Energy Drink
Race Face
Demon Dirt
FOX Racing Shox
Five Ten
Industry Nine
Cyclepath Kelowna!”

Now for Sh*t’s and giggles I found Casey’s uncle in this fishing Video. Casey vowed early on to have better motor skills than Tom and is his secret to owning most podiums.
Let’s watch…

Friday, June 11, 2010

Transition TR 450 & NBD Metzger style!

Metzger is a funny guy and the only guy I have every met who is dumb enough to wear the same wakeboarding helmet for riding like I do. Basically picture a plastic ice cream bucket with plush foam inside. The difference is Metzger hucks cliffs and I don’t!

Metzger raised the bar pretty high in this video. The guys has skills like no other, never seen a crotch rocket manual before but he nails it!

And check out the Camp of Champions DH rig we had on display at Sea Otter. Custom paint job I think 8 in all were made just for camp and of course dressed in full Straitline kits.

SEA OTTER 2010 trnny


The Transition TR450 build


I am still busted up with my Achilles snappage and pretty bummed out on missing the camp this summer. I have Andi Witman arranged to come over from Germany and he said that he would teach me to flip at the air dome. Now Camp scrapped the air dome and has a stunt bag coming in… like OMG, bff COC forever.

This shot sucks and hangs half way off the page but best I could find but can you say BOOING! So sick.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP oil Spoof

What is happening in the gulf is not very funny but these videos are.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Straitline has teamed up with Mythic/Banshee bikes, Jacob Gibbins Photography,  Raceface, E13, Cane Creek, GoPro & many others to follow Team Mythic on all the Worldcup courses, hosted by Adam Brayton and Tom Deacon.


These two make mtb seem fun and not so serious with their course walks and helmet cam runs. Though this is late and the race is over, there was technical glitches in getting it up sooner but take a look.


Now for the Brayton  & Deacon show…


Friday, June 4, 2010

WTF is this… Vittorio Brumotti on Straitline

Guido of Freeride, our Italian distributor hooked up Vittorio Brumotti with our Pedals last year and we always get crazy weird shoots and news links coming in.

First it was him punking an Armarni show in Milan now a Guinness world record on top of death mountain.

What do you think of this Mr Lenosky?



Pinkbike just put the shot up as today's POD and also put the full story up HERE


I do not speak Italian either but I am sure in this video he says something like “Screw you Ryan Leech, I’m coming for you… and Lenosky sucks!” That was a lose translation of course.

Team MTBcut at Fort Bill looking cool!

Be sure to tune in this weekend and catch all the action at Fort William with MTBcut.  and join their twitter account for insider antics from the race!
Stu Thomson emailed me this shot of Ben Cathro and the MTBcut’s custom 80’s rocker design we did for them. Pretty sweet in person and full on 80’s, got to love it.
Stu Thomson
“I Figured you’d like this…
Fort Bill is on!

Stu whipped up this practice footage starting off with Our Adam Brayton and listen to Cathro plug pedals, less pins over the bore gives you more grip peeps!

And the crew over at Sicklines.TV posted up this course overview.

World Cup 2010 - Fort William day 1 - track walk + 4x training from Tri-Ridedotcom on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fogelsode #25: Bend Slalom

I finally got around to putting some footage together from Cob’s and my trip to Bend for Jamie’s UpsideDown and UnderGround contest.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any footage of the contest, but Gunnar killed it with an awesome edit here.  One of the days was super windy, so the locals showed us around.  One of their spots was the slalom track, which we ended up riding until dark because it was so fun!  It’s a huge run down the hill with big berms and nice sized jumps, which left everyone smiling run after run.  I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re ever near by.  The end of the video is just the result of a 10 hour drive.




Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super Sexy CPR !

I found this on Single Track Geek’s blog and after seeing Adam crash in the post below it made me want to learn on how to revive a fallen victim.

Picturing Adam didn’t get me too excited on learning but this video did help. Make more videos like this and by next year I will be a orthopedic surgeon!

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

Bubba Scrub Brayton style

Keith from Banshee bikes sent me this sick shot of our Adam Brayton Scubbing while throwing in a no footer for style.



A small memorial will be help for Adam this Thursday at a local pub… Nah he is fine, just looks harsh because it is harsh. Adam walked away as usual.


Check out the comments on the photo thread


Ben Cathro Straitlines to the podium!

We came in this morning with a note from Pete from HOTLINES, our UK distributor…

“Ben Cathro won the iXS European Downhill Cup ahead of a stacked field that included Cam Cole, Nick Beer, Wyn Masters, Shaun O’Connor, Matt Simmonds, Filip Polc amonst others. Totally stoked on his ├╝ber-radness.



Cathro is on the MTBCUT Team running our boxxer stems, pedals and Silent guides check out this video of the IXS race and keep your eyes peeled for Adam Brayton pinning it on our flats.

Here’s the release we saw this am.


iXS/Straitline Rider Ben Cathro Tops Podium At Innerleithen iXS Cup! rider Ben Cathro rode to victory this weekend at the Innerleithen round of the iXS European DH Cup.

Ben rode straight into the Hot Seat and stayed there right throught to the last Elite rider - this has got to be some kind of record for length of time spent in the lead! Ben was one of the first to run in the Elite field as he couldn't make it to the seeding runs the day before - as he was at fellow MTBCut rider, and manager, Stu Thomson's wedding where he was an usher. Obviously getting a good nights sleep wasn't part of Ben's race plan!

Ben won by over a second with a time of 2:57.281, with fastest seeding rider Lewis Buchanan coming in 2nd at 2:58.477 and CRC/Intense rider Matt Simmonds claiming 3rd spot with 2:58.583. Ben's race run was typical Cathro style - fast, loose and incredible to watch!

The purpose built track at Innerleithen was a mixture of different surfaces - loamy and sticky up top, dusty and loose in the trees and wet and slippy grass coming into the arena - several riders came to grief in the last 2 corners in the field - some even managing to wash out after crossing the line!

The MTBCut guys are supported by iXS and Straitline via Hotlines - and are supplied with custom Straitline components and iXS protection and apparel.