Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp of Champions Compound… WTF?

Camp of Champions is the funnest place to hang out at  on and off the mountain, everyone is relaxed and just focused on play time and this video explains it all.

Casey Groves, Alan Hepburn Straitline’s Factory riders are up there as we speak testing the new stunt bag out with of Course Garth Dyer.


This season all the bikes are decked to the hilt in race gear from Straitline, Race Face, Chromag and Spank and the bikes are all the DH flagships… Banshee legend… Transition TR450… Morewood Makulas… Santa Cruz V10… with NS BIKES / Spank bikes filling the DJ void.

More shots to come but take a peek. All bikes will be decked in our silent guide Pedals, Boxxer 5omm stems and Platform pedals.legend

And… I am on a cane now and still not cleared to ride until Xmas so I hope it rains

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