Friday, June 11, 2010

Transition TR 450 & NBD Metzger style!

Metzger is a funny guy and the only guy I have every met who is dumb enough to wear the same wakeboarding helmet for riding like I do. Basically picture a plastic ice cream bucket with plush foam inside. The difference is Metzger hucks cliffs and I don’t!

Metzger raised the bar pretty high in this video. The guys has skills like no other, never seen a crotch rocket manual before but he nails it!

And check out the Camp of Champions DH rig we had on display at Sea Otter. Custom paint job I think 8 in all were made just for camp and of course dressed in full Straitline kits.

SEA OTTER 2010 trnny


The Transition TR450 build


I am still busted up with my Achilles snappage and pretty bummed out on missing the camp this summer. I have Andi Witman arranged to come over from Germany and he said that he would teach me to flip at the air dome. Now Camp scrapped the air dome and has a stunt bag coming in… like OMG, bff COC forever.

This shot sucks and hangs half way off the page but best I could find but can you say BOOING! So sick.


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