Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FreerideBC Bike Park is so sick! is a little project we at Straitlinestarted 4 years ago. I am the President of the society and admittedly the worst President on earth but at least I admit it.


Kyle Michell  and Andrew Mitchell have reshaped the intermediate lines in preparation to soil tac treatment over the past week or so and they are chiseled once again.

Here is Kyle and Drew trying to look tough for a photo posted on the fence asking kids to stay out until we are done.

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It wouldn’t keep me out, they look like a bunch of push over's, but the missing tooth is pretty core Drew.

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As a back up plan, we have enlisted our local grommit Jon Stanners to help smack heads when and if people start disrespecting our work in progress.

bike park 2010 008

Anyways,this is not showing the bowls and hips they placed in and out of the lines. I’m limited to how far I can walk in with my bunk leg so use your imagination but we started scratch again since the previous jumps were looking park 2010 003

The Large rock right of the digger is the kicker to enter the pro lines, I’ll try and get a better angle in the coming days but they are building some crazy lines, stoked to show it park 2010 002


Local pro BMX rider Matt Bear is helping plan the flow of the lines and test ride it as Kyle and drew shape the course.

bike park 2010 006

This view is just over a third of the park from the entrance gate, we have a lot to do and an entire treed section to build in so keep your eyes peeled.

bike park 2010 001

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