Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mike Montgomery Show!


Mike runs full kit Straitline Components and without it, he can barley pull a skid!


Sit back, relax and go WTF?

Mike Montgomery Mayhem - More Mountain Bike Videos

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video from Davin!

Went on a shoot with Davin Pena the other day, and he whipped up this banger!  Psyched how it came out!

Flipwhip Grab

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canada Cup video, 1/2/3 for Straitline athletes!

Just as I bitched about no coverage on the event it has come in, sadly all from the teams who attended but Pinkbike put it up on the front page promptly.


Our Canadian distributor Lama Cycles and DH team fired over a little update on the race from their eyes.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Straitline riders sweep the Canadian Open!

Straitline's Andrew Mitchell and Dean Tennant sweep the Canadian open along Straitlines Team Lama Yann Guavin in third!!  
But why such little coverage from Canadian Media?

1 Andrew Mitchell (Can) 4:08.060
2 Dean Tennant (Can)  4:09.060
3 Yann Gauvin (Can) 4:10.225


Dunbar Cycles sent a release that captured the event quite well with some shots from the guys!


This past weekend was the 1st round of Canada Cup In Trembant. Andrew Mitchell and Dean Tennant headed over starting off there month like trip of racing. The boys both put together awesome runs, Andrew taking 1st and Dean only one second off of him in 2nd place. Dunbar 1 and 2.

Next stop is the US Open Next weekend in New York. From there the boys head over to Scotland for the 2nd round of the World Cups in Ft. William

A good pic of Drew near the bottom of the course

Below is a little course walk preview from the boys on Friday

Canada Cup # 1

Course walk with the Dunbar/Devinci/Elka Team

With team mates Andrew Mitchell and Dean Tennant

So as we headed to the course through the village we could see that the snow was still lying around. As we got closer to the infamous rock garden we could see some sort of animal moving about, but we were also missing Dean. Wait a minute... that's Dean so pumped on smashing boulders.


“Dont worry the rocks were washed after wards”image

Everyone has always enjoyed racing Tremblant except that you have to go through a river that everyone hates!  So Stupid.

Not this year!image

This course hands down has to have some of the gnarliest sections on any track we raced imagine trying to race across this rock...


Overall the track has had some great improvements and we are looking forward to practice tomorrow!


Except for this jump which you have to turn off the race line to hit but was just freshly built for the race.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Camping with wolves, like a man!

New pedal is 89 percent designed, robotic arm is ready and it is a long weekend.


Jumpship is also coming very soon and we are helping organize the barge and event… lots on the go and I need R&R before we get pinned with summer.

So I’m going camping on a small island off of the island called Vargas, boat drop off only and there are wolves that roam the beaches.



This used to  be a company I ran ages ago, the SeaFire was used in the night to rescue a man dragged out of his tent by a wolf years ago. The entire world media was calling the office for a story on it.


So to revisit the beach I devised a plan to be the first man in the world to wolf fish!

I am putting a bunch of meat into a filter bag, wrapping it with fishing line and I'm casting it out down the beach to wait for wolf. 

This is very stupid but i have to do it because I just blogged on it. No backing out now right.

See you next week.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fogelsode S2 #10: Back At It!

About two months ago, I put a foot down weird on a sketchy 360 and broke the third metatarsal in my right foot.  Thankfully, my recovery was smooth and painless, with constant entertainment and good times that my friends and family brought!  Not to mention, I got a killer cast-tan out of it!  I got cleared to start easing into riding two weeks ago, so I spent a week building up strength riding cross country, and started jumping the week after.  I’ve been collecting GoPro footage along the way, with some clips during my recovery, my x-rays, a bit of cross country riding, and finally jumping and downhilling again!  It feels absolutely unreal to start riding again and I couldn’t be happier!  Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vote or you get a Wedgie!

Serious on the Wedgie threat! 

Our local park has been a labor of love for many years and lots of big name pros have helped chisel each section.  But we need you now to vote so we can get some maintenance cash!

If you are not going to dig then at leas applaud our efforts and vote to help gain us some KEG funding.

MMM filet mignon… go eat at the Keg after the vote is done!


Thanks from all of us at Straitline!

“Hi All,

    We're building a Bike Park in North Saanich.  We have applied to The Keg Steakhouse for help.  Here is where you come in.  In honour of its 40th Anniversary, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar is donating $1 million to the communities that have contributed so greatly to its success.  The campaign will donate 40 $25,000 grants to fund community-based projects or initiatives in Keg communities.  The Keg called for entries from charities and individuals who need funding for a community project or initiative.

I'm happy and proud to share the our submission for one of these $25,000 community grants has been chosen as a finalist-and your vote can help us win.  Between May 16 and June 14, you can vote for our entry at .  To find it, search for our project titled North Saanich Bike Park.  Another place to ride is a great thing.  You can vote once a day until June 14.  Please vote!!

Thank you for your support and please help spread the word.

All The Best,

Ray Sibbald

Friend of the North Saanich Bike Park”

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mish Lightning Bike Check

Artist Morgan Dunnet made a trade with Banshee ... a series of illustrations for a Rune. To my knowledge Morgan has never owned a mountain bike. Here is his bike check ... enjoy.

Mish Lightning Bike Check from Mishter Dunnet on Vimeo.

Bike Spec:

Medium Banshee Rune (Custom Mish Lightning Yellow and Purple)
Fox Talas 36 - 180mm
Fox DHX Air
Straitline Stem
Race Face Atlas Am Bar
ODI Ruffian Grips
Avid Elixir CR Brakes
Sram X9 shifters
Sram X7 Front Derailleur
Sram x9 Rear Derailleur
Race Face SIXC Cranks
Straitline Pedals
Race Face Next Carbon Seat Post
Geax Sturdy Tires
Mavic EN 321 Rims on Banshee Hubs

Have to say thanks to Straitline and Race Face for the upgrades.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Monday, May 9, 2011

This is a refreshing video!

Our client Sebastian is a man of patience!  2 years ago we ran a competition for Aaron Larocque’s What's Next and had a live release with industry friends in Vegas where we announced winners of custom one off pedals. 

But poor Sebastian never got his, they were stolen twice in delivery to him. Never ending mishaps but he is finally getting a set of JLO pedals with 24 karat pins. High five to speedy delivery!

If I knew he was this good at film making I would have got them sooner and maybe made this film. Next time I’ll shoot for a 1 year delivery date!


Enjoy this flic from Sebastian!

It's all in your head! from infinite trails on Vimeo.


And again for the 54th time… Aaron’s What’s Next film sponsored by Straitline with Straitline riders Hepburn and Casey Groves.

Mike Montgomery in Bike Mag

Poached From Morgan Dunnet's Blog

Have wanted to post this since February when I did the illustration but waited for the magazine to be printed. Looks okay in the magazine but at a half page it doesn't quite capture the hugeness of Mike Montgomery. He's kind of a big deal.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ranch Style - Mike Montgomery Wins Best Trick

In pretty much a landslide victory Mike Montgomery has won the Pinkbike Best Trick Throwdown at Ranchstyle in Colorado with 353 votes.

The event took place yesterday at the Grassroots Ranch in Colorado and was filmed by a team of videographers. The video was then posted to Pinkbike where viewers had the opportunity to vote for a winner. Mike's winning trick was a backflip barhop, something that is mostly unseen in mountain bike competition. Greg Watts placed second with 121 votes, he threw down a myriad of tricks including a flip double barspin and no handed 360 to barspin. Third place was Ben Glassen, a relatively unknown rider from Nanaimo BC. His super steezy 360 nac earned him 65 votes, while Eric Lawrenuk's decade (or 360 downside whip to some) earned him fourth place with 47 votes.


1. Mike Montgomery 353
2. Greg Watts 121
3. Ben Glassen 65
4. Eric Lawrenuk 47
5. Joe Perizzo 32
6. Jamie Goldman 13
7. Kelly Mcgarry 7
8. Anthony Messere 4
8. Jack Ludlam
10. Garrett Robertson 1
10. Nick Simcik 1
10. Reece Wallace 1
10. Scott Alleyn 1
10. Tyler McCaul 1

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Ranch Style - Best Trick

For all of Devon's coverage of Ranch Style head over to To vote for best trick click here and you will probably want to vote for Mike or Eric ... I am just saying.

Mike with a huge back flip bar hop (nicknamed Blue Steel). Mike still hasn't dropped Magnum on us, but I do not think we will have to wait long.

Also watch for Eric throwing down some huge tricks. "That jump was awesome! It would send you so high." -Eric Lawernuk

Keep your eyes posted to Pinkbike for all Ranch Style news ...

Keep Riding,

Rob Dunnet

Friday, May 6, 2011

Straitline Riders at Ranch Style

The 2011 Grassroots Ranchstyle event is just heating up. Thursday was practice, Friday is more practice and a best trick contest, Saturday's big show includes the slopestyle event, and Sunday wraps things up with a killer dual slalom race.

Confirmed riders for the Slopestyle event include:

- Mike Montgomery (Straitline)

- Eric Lawrenuk (Straitline)

- Scott Alleyn
- Mitch Chubey
- Matt Dennis
- Paul Genovese
- Ben Glassen
- Jamie Goldman
- Tim Gooden
- Ryan Howard
- Jack Ludlam
- Kelly McGarry
- Anthony Messere
- Joseph Perrizo
- Eric Porter
- Garrett Robertson
- Dylan Siggers
- Nick Simcik
- Kyle Strait
- Paul Basagoita
- Reece Wallace
- Greg Watts

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Okuma and Fanuc… a love story.

I have been biting at the bit to do our Ghetto shop tour #3 but the Robot has been delayed a bit. We have a new DH pedal coming that will be smaller in the body so perfect for the all mnt crowd as well.

This happy couple will work tirelessly through the nights producing hundreds of finished parts while we do other things.


This is just a small step into the right direction for us. We have always utilized automation but  this is our first fake employee and now we can only dream of ways to cut assembly and packaging times down.


Some cool stuff already is in reach for smaller firms, I hope we get to this stage soon-


Camp of Champions gets Intense!

I love making those catchy one-liner titles like the local paper… but

So Camp now has Intense bikes added to the DH fleet for this summer!

They will be decked to the hilt in our freeride components along with Chromag and Spank and Maxxis and a few other brands evolving as we speak.


Show up and abuse their bikes not yours and get to ride a worldcup ready rig every day!


Check it out:


Then Check this out