Friday, May 20, 2011

Camping with wolves, like a man!

New pedal is 89 percent designed, robotic arm is ready and it is a long weekend.


Jumpship is also coming very soon and we are helping organize the barge and event… lots on the go and I need R&R before we get pinned with summer.

So I’m going camping on a small island off of the island called Vargas, boat drop off only and there are wolves that roam the beaches.



This used to  be a company I ran ages ago, the SeaFire was used in the night to rescue a man dragged out of his tent by a wolf years ago. The entire world media was calling the office for a story on it.


So to revisit the beach I devised a plan to be the first man in the world to wolf fish!

I am putting a bunch of meat into a filter bag, wrapping it with fishing line and I'm casting it out down the beach to wait for wolf. 

This is very stupid but i have to do it because I just blogged on it. No backing out now right.

See you next week.

1 comment:

Sneeck said...

you know that we expect proof of you catching said beach wolf(es) once you manage to escape the island alive?

on a more serious note that robot arm is looking freaking ridicoulesly overkill awesome!(sp?) will be picking up a set of those new pedals for my Amp(ha nice name there)

cheers and try not to get yourself hurt!