Friday, June 20, 2008

Casey Groves in Crankworks!!!

June 18, 2008

Sixteen-year-old Kelowna native wins qualifying spot for Kokanee Crankworx, August 9-17


Something big just happened!! I won Air Affair!!! I am in Crankworx!!!"

This is Casey Groves, a 16 year old kid who is on top of the world landing a spot with the big boys in this years Crankworks!

Casey will be representing Straitline Components / Transition Bikes / And Pinkbike at the event. If anyone wants to throw support to Casey I know he is looking for certain sponsors so by all means contact Casey @

He may be only 16 but he did just outride everyone landing a spot in the show and we are beyond stoked for him!
Pinkbike Write up: Pinkbike
Press Release Photos - Whistler/Blackcomb

Whistler Air Affair from Brock Anderson on Vimeo.

Casey in the Sunny Okanogan....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tech tips for 08 pedals and 06/07

Here are the 08 Flanged Polymer bushings...

08 Internal Parts Breakdown...

And here is a simplistic video showing a build up part by part...

The secret behind our pedals... self lubricating polymer bushings. Ain't nothing new by any means, they have been used and proven in all heavy duty industries.
These bushings are out from 06/07

This is my 07 pedal torn apart and in a diagram. I flipped the image in paint to match the 08 layout.

And here is a simplistic tear down build up of a 06/07 pedal...

We built this pedal to take a beating and be easily fixed and maintained. We aren't too into re-inventing the wheel. These pedals are as simple as simple can get. If sealed bearings were what they claimed then why do most excavators and farm vehicles do without in their tracks?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

26 Trix Cancelled! Aussy Riders stranded but check the video out!

"hey Greg, long time no speak/see haha. I'll be in Canada soon cant wait, i'll be coaching with CoC for about 3 weeks so that will be good fun. Hopefully will have enough money haha, went to Austria for Braun 26trix but the comp got canceled so that took a chunk out of the bank:( still was good fun tho.
there's a vid of all our footage from the trip haha not much.

Anyway How's thing with you guys?
have to catch up for ride soon or something.


I have no clue why technology is against me these days so just click this link to see Alan and Chris at play on the course. These kids send it.
BRAUN 26 Trix

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our new CNC machine in action!

I haven't blogged much in awhile but today I found sometime to take a video of the new pallet cell in action. The loading robot is fully automated and we are half way there to setting this up for automation.
Check it out!

Here is me trying to talk over high pitched machines, didn't work out so well so just make up your own dialogue as you go!

And if you missed this blog post from months ago, here is the first test run we did of the pallet cell and teh machine eating material.

Oh, and this is just too Classic to not post. I ride others gear so who am I to laugh...

"want to hear a funny secret?
[12:18:04 PM] ****** says: just sold a set of pedals to the ***** distributor of crankbrothers...
[12:18:07 PM] ****** says: haha
[12:18:14 PM] Greg Parish says: lol funny

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it bad when your Distributors turn on you?

Despite even getting our name wrong we forgive the gerfix dpertmant at Hawley USA and understand their pain.

We Have been dragging our feet to some but the demand is outstripping the supply but on the plus side check out our new high production set ups!

One the left old school 4 pairs per tombstone and the big boy on the right 56 pairs!

The pedals have been set up the same so soon we will be pumping out pretty pink pedals so Hawley can stop the hate mail!

I like to swap the word "Austrailia" for Hawley in this video...