Thursday, June 12, 2008

26 Trix Cancelled! Aussy Riders stranded but check the video out!

"hey Greg, long time no speak/see haha. I'll be in Canada soon cant wait, i'll be coaching with CoC for about 3 weeks so that will be good fun. Hopefully will have enough money haha, went to Austria for Braun 26trix but the comp got canceled so that took a chunk out of the bank:( still was good fun tho.
there's a vid of all our footage from the trip haha not much.

Anyway How's thing with you guys?
have to catch up for ride soon or something.


I have no clue why technology is against me these days so just click this link to see Alan and Chris at play on the course. These kids send it.
BRAUN 26 Trix

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