Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Norway with Love!

Check out this little video sent to us from GRAVITYRIDE our Norwegian crew… it has some Sick camera angles, I love the fork shots!


"Pro telemark skier Torkel Karoliussen” is the rider… and he’s giving a FOES decked out in Straitline a spin!


If you are bilingual I hope Norwegian is your other language because you can read up on it all HERE!!

Torkel’s day job!


Friday, August 21, 2009



Our German distributor Sportsnut throws a sick ass party every year , it is seriously the place to be, dj’s, bar tenders handing out free Becks beer, and solid flow of pro athletes swinging by for chats. Then the nighttime comes and the beers kick in… something always happens to us.


Below are video from 07  but it gives a taste of the booth set up and vibe, it is a great show that absolutely dwarfs Vegas Interbike in size and fun!

The boys at Morewood posted a good overview of the booths layout here  it is just a funky hang out spot with some solid brands.


Check my skills on a recumbent bike!~  Poor kid almost wiped out after trying to mimic my style!

The show is all about relaxing and doing business and getting down German style. It may be 6 times bigger than Vegas but the Germans make it such a smooth show it is amazing how precise everything is.


So to keep up our Canadian image we work so hard to Dennis and I have been studying a dance for when we go out on the town with the Morewood crew.  The pressure to represent our company and our nation is a serious honor and Dennis and I are excited to wow everyone at the show. 


Put this on the big screen and up the volume!


In between the fun and games, new product will be released too such as Jeff Lenosky’s new pedal! Custom matte black finish with gold pins and washers is honestly the coolest pedal we have ever made, really stoked to show it off in person.

jlo test4 017

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Freeride Park! Crankworxs!

Many years have gone into the park just to get it opened , this video was sent to my by Mark Mathews of some kids making a video. 


Keep in mind the big pro section and slalom tracks we are still fundraising for but it is open and fun so check it out www.freeridebc.blogspot.com


Oh and Whistler was nuts as usual!

Here we are chillaxing –HATE THAT WORD- with the Giant crew on the roof top!



Crankworx 2009 017


The What's Next premier was nuts as well, went off with just a few hitches, Larocque was a bit stressed at first when the audio cut out, his face was funny, I laughed. Check out the Camp of Champions recap on the party here.



I beg you to forgive me if the blog slows down… Eurobike is here and we are hammered with deadlines, but you can Chew on this…

installed prod shots 008

Click on it for high res and enjoy my toe shot!

Monday, August 10, 2009


This Friday is the most important day of your life! This is the only day in your life that you will be excused for not attending that wedding or donating that kidney, this is the real deal!

Compare it to a Women's shoe toss from the roof of a mall, it is a must attend kind of deal and we would forgive the ladies right!


If you are at the Longhorn Saloon Friday 9m Aug 14th, then below is what you may win!




You could win Casey Groves pimped ride…

Casey Groves Bike Ad websize

Or you could win Alan Hepburn’s pimped out ride…


Or be the lucky guy to receive the only set of What's Next Pedals that we will be making this week –no photo but it is a one of color that and you will own the only one in existence!



Because nothing is for free… here are the gritty details to win!

To win Alan's Banshee all you have to do is stop by The Longhorn Patio during Crankworx in Whistler on August 14th, between noon and 5 and fill out an entry form. We will be giving away Maynards Sour Chiller Candy at the same time so you can save a trip to 7-11 as well. We will then draw the winner at 5:30PM and you must be present to win. We are also giving away tons of prizes from our other sponsors of the What's Next World Premiere. There will be prizes from Dakine, Oakley, GoPro, Alpinestars and of course The Camp of Champions. Some of it will be by drawing and some will be randomly tossed. Come early for the best "snag it from the sky" positions.

The World Premiere of Aaron Larocque's new movie "What's Next" goes off at 9:00PM in the Longhorn Slaoon at the base of the Whistler Bike Park. Get in early because it's going to be packed.
It's going to be a fun contest and you have to friend up or start supporting everyone before midnight on September 1st 2009, to be entered to win Casey's bike. In case you are wondering... we will be paying to ship the bike to where ever the winner might live. Vancouver, Prague, Australia, England, Brazil... and who knows... Casey might even be the delivery boy.
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Now it should also be noted that this video is also FREE for everyone to download care of Pinkbike. And if you act now i will throw in free HUGS too, so get your ass up to the Longhorn and have a fresh beer and get ready!


See you there!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

OMG that didn’t hurt!

lenosky flat black 028


Kyle dropped by the warehouse to show a proof of Life!


He eats nails that's how tough he is… but being the direct descendant of Zeus himself it is totally understandable. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OMG This is going to hurt!


The positive side of this is that I have never seen such a cool shot!


Bad side is that we know him and can feel the pain!


Kyle Marshall is one tough mofo!  He raced his first Worlds at Monte Saint Anne and here he is seen at Bromont purposely pulling the best POD ever!  Riding for team Pinkbike / XMS /Devinci / Straitline Kyle has been pushing hard and as you can see, it only takes one slip up and you go down hard.


Good news is that he is okay, His mom Jane emailed the details and it consists of a badly bruised body … take a peek at the crash video.

Pay attention to all the concerned fans who dropped everything to see if he is okay, it’s like as if they were waiting for him to do a few more rolls so it can all be on film!

Lets get that in Slow Mo…









I cannot find any humor in this, he went down hard!


Get better Kyle!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Center Of Gravity

Hey its Dustin Greenall here with another update

So I have been in Kelowna all week having a blast at the beach everyday and riding with some of my best friends every night. But I was also staying their to try to get in a Dirt jump even called Center Of Gravity that Steve Romaniuk was putting on down at Kelowna main beach. Went down their with Casey and seen the size of the landings and had to get in so I called steve up lucky for me he had heard my name before and was stoked to have me ride the jumps.
Superman seat grab

The event was vary chill not a major comp which was amazing cause we just got to show people what we do on two wheel. But what I was happy about was everytime you would do a run through you could see all the little kids just be in aaawwww and dont forget about the chicks to right.
I was loving the new trick i learned all day sunday Superwhip

My weekend in kelowna was so much fun because weather we were riding up the in run or riding the jumps Casey was right beside me sometimes to close but we were killing trains all day on both days.

Those of you who watch me and casey ride will no nothing is ever chill when we ride together we always learn something new and its always like x-games but way more fun
Casey Groves Twhip

Casey groves 360 table



Tuck no hander

At the end of the day Casey come out with the win which I was really stoked about we both agreed if one of us wins that we would choose a kid and give him the winning bike

Kid was in aawww and we were stoked to make the kids day