Friday, August 21, 2009



Our German distributor Sportsnut throws a sick ass party every year , it is seriously the place to be, dj’s, bar tenders handing out free Becks beer, and solid flow of pro athletes swinging by for chats. Then the nighttime comes and the beers kick in… something always happens to us.


Below are video from 07  but it gives a taste of the booth set up and vibe, it is a great show that absolutely dwarfs Vegas Interbike in size and fun!

The boys at Morewood posted a good overview of the booths layout here  it is just a funky hang out spot with some solid brands.


Check my skills on a recumbent bike!~  Poor kid almost wiped out after trying to mimic my style!

The show is all about relaxing and doing business and getting down German style. It may be 6 times bigger than Vegas but the Germans make it such a smooth show it is amazing how precise everything is.


So to keep up our Canadian image we work so hard to Dennis and I have been studying a dance for when we go out on the town with the Morewood crew.  The pressure to represent our company and our nation is a serious honor and Dennis and I are excited to wow everyone at the show. 


Put this on the big screen and up the volume!


In between the fun and games, new product will be released too such as Jeff Lenosky’s new pedal! Custom matte black finish with gold pins and washers is honestly the coolest pedal we have ever made, really stoked to show it off in person.

jlo test4 017


Pete said...

Holy crap Greg, that's sick!! I didn't expect to see speculations turn out as reality. The Ti-Nitride coating is so sweet.

Have you ever toyed with Aluminium pins? Your pins seem to disperse the impact because of the oversize head. Which instead of putting the force into the threads just disperses it in the pin and pedal body. So in theory you should be able to get away with it. And if that work's there's a world of possibilities for colours, and some weight to save! I'd pay for the batch and postage if you want a tester ;)

Straitline Components said...

Everyone wants to be a tester!! I want to test a space shuttle but Nasa said no.

The pins are hardened steel, aluminum would grind down to nubs. I over shot a corner on the weekend and flew through a little grass lump that hid a massive rock, clipping the right pedal and outside pins. Nothing happened btu if they were aluminum they woud have ripped right out from the hit.

Why not put helium in tires is my question? But the guys say that it won't work... blah blah blah, smart talk about molecules, I don't listen I just want light stuff too!

Pete said...

Did you offer to pay for the space shuttle and postage? :P

I have many ideas that could aid in making aluminium pins work. But none would solve the fast wearing problem.

Helium in tires, eh? It's been calculated before, and it's lighter to just take a scale with you and buy one of the lighter tires from the batch. Match that up with undersized latex tubes and you've got a winner!

I'll stop before I get carried away, eh? :P

Straitline Components said...

It could work but the nthe complaint would be that we ened to make tougher pins as everyone chewed through the aluminum ones.

Just amke it tough and warranty proof is our view.

We'd be better off making titanium pins but no one would want to pay the price for such minimal weight savings.

We'll just include a rebate offer to our clients for a Colon cleansing kit...

Shed weight there first!