Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Center Of Gravity

Hey its Dustin Greenall here with another update

So I have been in Kelowna all week having a blast at the beach everyday and riding with some of my best friends every night. But I was also staying their to try to get in a Dirt jump even called Center Of Gravity that Steve Romaniuk was putting on down at Kelowna main beach. Went down their with Casey and seen the size of the landings and had to get in so I called steve up lucky for me he had heard my name before and was stoked to have me ride the jumps.
Superman seat grab

The event was vary chill not a major comp which was amazing cause we just got to show people what we do on two wheel. But what I was happy about was everytime you would do a run through you could see all the little kids just be in aaawwww and dont forget about the chicks to right.
I was loving the new trick i learned all day sunday Superwhip

My weekend in kelowna was so much fun because weather we were riding up the in run or riding the jumps Casey was right beside me sometimes to close but we were killing trains all day on both days.

Those of you who watch me and casey ride will no nothing is ever chill when we ride together we always learn something new and its always like x-games but way more fun
Casey Groves Twhip

Casey groves 360 table



Tuck no hander

At the end of the day Casey come out with the win which I was really stoked about we both agreed if one of us wins that we would choose a kid and give him the winning bike

Kid was in aawww and we were stoked to make the kids day

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