Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OMG This is going to hurt!


The positive side of this is that I have never seen such a cool shot!


Bad side is that we know him and can feel the pain!


Kyle Marshall is one tough mofo!  He raced his first Worlds at Monte Saint Anne and here he is seen at Bromont purposely pulling the best POD ever!  Riding for team Pinkbike / XMS /Devinci / Straitline Kyle has been pushing hard and as you can see, it only takes one slip up and you go down hard.


Good news is that he is okay, His mom Jane emailed the details and it consists of a badly bruised body … take a peek at the crash video.

Pay attention to all the concerned fans who dropped everything to see if he is okay, it’s like as if they were waiting for him to do a few more rolls so it can all be on film!

Lets get that in Slow Mo…









I cannot find any humor in this, he went down hard!


Get better Kyle!

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Anonymous said...

Fell so hard his glove came off, that is NUTS!