Thursday, August 20, 2009

Freeride Park! Crankworxs!

Many years have gone into the park just to get it opened , this video was sent to my by Mark Mathews of some kids making a video. 


Keep in mind the big pro section and slalom tracks we are still fundraising for but it is open and fun so check it out


Oh and Whistler was nuts as usual!

Here we are chillaxing –HATE THAT WORD- with the Giant crew on the roof top!



Crankworx 2009 017


The What's Next premier was nuts as well, went off with just a few hitches, Larocque was a bit stressed at first when the audio cut out, his face was funny, I laughed. Check out the Camp of Champions recap on the party here.



I beg you to forgive me if the blog slows down… Eurobike is here and we are hammered with deadlines, but you can Chew on this…

installed prod shots 008

Click on it for high res and enjoy my toe shot!

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Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

orange pedals are hot, your toe not so much