Monday, February 21, 2011

Megadeath Monday!


Today sucks I stubbed my toe when I woke up and my cat never came in when I called then he ran past me and streaked mud across the hard wood. You may have pictured me owning a bad ass dob but no, I own NumbChuck he is a tough ass cat though.

I may have used this already but I do not care, enjoy.


The raddest movie ever...



Straitlines Race ring. Trust me these things are a bitch to photograph by the way.

7075 T6 hard anodized, simple and tough, go ride.


Trust me your Monday isn't that bad...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Straitline's Google Map!

This email came in from a client in Europe, Marco and I had a great laugh over it and feel very proud to be apart of Straitline!


"Today I checked google street view, just out of curiosity to see what your facility looks like… actually it didn’t surprise me at all. Check the attachment :D


Marco Stasi"

Behold our personalized Google Map street view!straitline

For you keeners out there, Google map 2-10019 Galaran road Sidney BC, V8L 5X3 Canada

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dexter's local video from Prevost!

Dexter sent me a mini vid from his past few weeks on Prevost in Duncan BC.  Dexter lives on a Island off of our Island called Salt Spring, bunch of Hippies and draft dodgers and artsy peoples, so Dexter is lucky to have discovered the bike!

Dexter Robson winter ride on Prevost from Ehren McPhee on Vimeo.

Sadly when you google Mnt Prevost not much shows up but down the page you see a single vid we did ages ago. Such a under promoted riding area. I guess that's a good thing for now though.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Megadeth Monday!!


Megadeth Monday Monday is my excuse to listen to music when I get in on my Monday and... a great excuse to search for people who get messed up and we can laugh at them.

Title says it all, enjoy.

Unsure if people are paying close attention to this but most of what we make is borrowed from moto. Our stems all use the moto clamp for the faceplate, meaning top two bolts first, then the lower two resulting in a gap and equal bar clamp. correct install

This is DJ one of Straitlines owners and head of all CNC bling on his moto looking cool.

Here is DJ not looking cool on his moto outside of our facility

Brett Tippie is in my email and that's a better place then on the phone, he can pop an ear drum with his stoke. This video was my favorite from the Stoke me out Segments and the clay cliffs is how I got into freeriding back in the day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mike Montgomery and the boy who couldn’t smell!

Mike was in town last night after flying up to Whistler to design the new Krankworxs slope style course with the Claw, Seminuk and Vanderham for RedBull. If you are not aware of it, Monster got the boot and Redbull is taking over and from what Mike explained to me, it will be redonculousy awesome.


We went out for some beers last night after a product design meeting and I do not feel too good as I type this. But I’ll power through like a champion and post a vid Mike showed me from Osiris Shoes

Short and sweet…


Mike is also the new Head Coach at Camp Of Champions this summer so he is amped to have control over the compound and he will be redesigning the lay out there as well.

Its going to be a rad summer, Mike is pumped.


Fogelsode S2 #8: Fun Week in Santa Cruz

It’s been an awesome week around here, with the sun shining and friends like Christian in town.  We took advantage of the weather and trail conditions to get in a fun day of riding big bikes.  Another day, Jeff and I had a cool little sesh at the step-up, before heading over to Post Office.  The classic sundown-seshes have become routine this time of year, but what’s new are some of the younger riders like Jared, Simon, and Fin shredding with us.  Just a week ago they were doing run-ups into the line and now they’re flowing through with style and even throwing a few tricks!  Stuff like that always gets me stoked to see!

20110209141105 (1)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Man box basics. Step by step tutorial.

I put a link up on our face book page from Rob at Banshee Bikes about his response when he got my man box. He then responded wit ha guerilla marketing spree with my stickers…


Man Boxing is a ancient technique that I have honed into perfection and I want to share with you how to Man Box.


Man Box-ing is a simple and effective way to spread love joy and laughs all at once while you embarrass a friend who feels non of the above.

All it requires is a eager recipient and a public delivery point, no faceless depot boxes, only train stations/ bus station and personal door to door deliveries from local mail /Fed Ex / UPS and so on.

Below is my first Man Box sent to Ryan Berrecloth.


What is key to the success of a Man Box is a signature and a public location. They must sign for it in order to receive it so no matter what they say to those watching, or how they try and spin it off as a joke, they still signed it and no one believes them.


Here is my latest Man Box that I carefully packed my Company Banners inside for a video project called the 1080 with Justin Brantley, Tyler McCaul and Straitline’s Mike Montgomery destined to California.

mantube 001

Noting “all sales final” will help sell the realness of what's inside.

mantube 002

What I honestly have yet to figure out is how to send the Man Boxes without equal personal embarrassment.  Because I too have to drop it off in a location that is public, look everyone in the eye and say it is a joke, then sign for it myself for insurance purposes. 

So there are some flaws but in the end it is worth it and Justin Brantley had to sign for this over sized Man Tube when Fed Ex showed up twice to receive a signature. Another Man Box success story.

And if you haven’t seen the 1080 project yet, check it out and good luck Man Boxing.

Pool Jumping and 1080 Training - More Mountain Bike Videos

Straitlines Ben Cathro pwoned the Podium!

Dirt magazine posted up some race results for the Alpine Winter series in Innerleithen and Ben Cathro took the win.

DIRT has all the info over HERE


More Mountain Biking Videos

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That's a Big Package

I ordered some parts from Straitline in early December. The parts then made a stop at Strahan Loken's and arrived to me in the box below. Now I am not sure who is responsible for the original packaging by I have a pretty good idea.

The vintage Banshee sticker was added later for obvious reasons.

When ever I get stuff from Greg he always gives me a load of stickers. I usually just give them away, which is probably his evil marketing plan, this time I took it one step farther ...

I have been going for nightly walks as ordered by my doctor, one night I brought Straitline along.

For more pictures of my adventure click here ...

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Excuse to spend your Manly Money!

I have compiled a few reasons for any guy to justify spending money on Bike gear even if nothing is wrong with the stock gear already on your bike.

A few years ago my girlfriend was complaining about me spending money and I hate contradiction and love pointing it out.

These are my girlfriends candy apple red high heels, sexy and hand painted, only the best. Behind it is my remote control tarantula to keep this topic cool and tarantulas are awesome.


She spent $200 on these which is cheap for most shoes but I still got in trouble for buying something that I wanted.

Nice bike parts that will last are no different, if it is sexy and you need to have it and there is good value in it, buy it!


Clearly I see no different in our stem. If any of you guys bring it home and feel the need to hide the receipt or lie, just man up and say yes, I bought it. It is sexy and red too, but unlike your 28 pairs of shoes, I chose to buy just one!

WEB SHOTS 2010 169

Now you have your back covered and you can pull up this link anytime you need to justify a purchase ! Because inside that closet is a hell of a lot more money spent one bling than anything that you have bought in components.


You are very welcome.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Megadeath Monday

Mondays suck but this doesn’t. We start it off with some Megadeath then random shit of people cheating death.

M is the main theme.

This is the first video I saw of Mike Montgomery, pretty sick how he rides for us and wait until you see his 1080 project, he is hucking his meat to a all new lever.

I love mid flight commentary and the slow mo replay where they do the Satan voice as the recap their lives.



I like the crash at 1:17 where the guy gets impaled by the soft hay!


And the classic Muppet Metallica.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Casey Groves Bike check

I have never even seen this one yet. No clue where I was, I think I was headed over to Eurobike so I missed a lot of local media buzz after the event.

Full story with lots of vids and shot of Casey’s big Krankworx day, click here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Casey Groves n Old Spice!

If Old Spice was Casey’s Key to success I may dose myself in a few cases of it but it is not. It smells and Casey is just talented.

Casey has ridden for us for about 4 years, full kit and trust me he has come a long long way and deserves this. Stoked for this season.

Check out Casey’s Pinkbike interview and his mini film.

Steve Smith on Straitline Pedals

Unsure if anyone geeks out as much as some of us do on parts but Steve has been riding our pedals for some time, and being a local islander its a natural fit.

Sicklines posted pics and vids, go there for the full meal deal.

Check out Steve’s Prevost video. Google it you lazy people “Mnt Prevost Duncan, BC Canada” it’s a pretty rad place to visit. To bike, Let me be clear… only to bike. Sorry Duncan, you know it’s true.
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