Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Excuse to spend your Manly Money!

I have compiled a few reasons for any guy to justify spending money on Bike gear even if nothing is wrong with the stock gear already on your bike.

A few years ago my girlfriend was complaining about me spending money and I hate contradiction and love pointing it out.

These are my girlfriends candy apple red high heels, sexy and hand painted, only the best. Behind it is my remote control tarantula to keep this topic cool and tarantulas are awesome.


She spent $200 on these which is cheap for most shoes but I still got in trouble for buying something that I wanted.

Nice bike parts that will last are no different, if it is sexy and you need to have it and there is good value in it, buy it!


Clearly I see no different in our stem. If any of you guys bring it home and feel the need to hide the receipt or lie, just man up and say yes, I bought it. It is sexy and red too, but unlike your 28 pairs of shoes, I chose to buy just one!

WEB SHOTS 2010 169

Now you have your back covered and you can pull up this link anytime you need to justify a purchase ! Because inside that closet is a hell of a lot more money spent one bling than anything that you have bought in components.


You are very welcome.

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