Friday, February 11, 2011

Mike Montgomery and the boy who couldn’t smell!

Mike was in town last night after flying up to Whistler to design the new Krankworxs slope style course with the Claw, Seminuk and Vanderham for RedBull. If you are not aware of it, Monster got the boot and Redbull is taking over and from what Mike explained to me, it will be redonculousy awesome.


We went out for some beers last night after a product design meeting and I do not feel too good as I type this. But I’ll power through like a champion and post a vid Mike showed me from Osiris Shoes

Short and sweet…


Mike is also the new Head Coach at Camp Of Champions this summer so he is amped to have control over the compound and he will be redesigning the lay out there as well.

Its going to be a rad summer, Mike is pumped.


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