Friday, January 29, 2010

Alan Hepburn -Days Ride!

Our Aussy rider Alan Hepburn shocked me today with this video.. I had no idea he had a home let alone a garage!
Pretty cool clip, take a look! 

Still blaming Banshee for making me fall on the weekend. The wildcard just screams I am the sh*t and I felt pressure to show off.
Oh and since Banshee Bikes put me in this situation I have had a lot of time on my hands and have noticed how people treat me differently since the crash!
Here is Eric showing his true views towards handicaps…

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Straitline punks an Italian Armani show in Milan!

I know go figure… but Italians Trails super star Vittorio Brumotti did the men's fashion week in Milan Italy on our very Couture blue Platforms.

Vittorio opened the show in Milan, cool to see bikes getting more and more into the main stream but this is definitely an odd pairing.


Check it out, and watch the videos at the bottom.


Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week Menswear W38HEqyG5dkl

 Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week Menswear GABtDffYB2_lEmporio Armani Milan Fashion Week Menswear V0vFCgQRwAfl

Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week Menswear 5gNYne4Q5o2l 

Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week Menswear LpYvYc48PNCl

amfAR Inaugural Milan Fashion Week Event Arrivals E9QhC2TKlH3l


I think this shot is from the Rome film Festival on the red Carpet

4th Rome International Film Festival Viola CKJFJ3UMt1Pl

The shows opening.


This is prior to being on our gear but it has cool shots and porno music.

Look mah, no skill!

Anyone who knows me well usually knows that I'm the guy who trips and blows through someone's fence while walking on the street, I never hurt my ankles doing something cool!


I have been stuck motionless on a couch for over 100 hours since Saturday when I put my foot down in the wrong way hyper extending my tendons in my calve and spraining my ankle.


I’d like to Blame Banshee and the sunny t-shirt day last Saturday but that would be unfair, so I’ll blame the new rubber for injuring my leg!


Took my wildcard out for a sunny day and first minute into the ride I’m on the ground swearing at a rock.

IMG_0088So that's why the blog has been dead, because I almost  died on my couch forgetting that food needs to be cooked and the fridge is sooooo far away I couldn’t be bothered to try.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Day Back!

Went out to set my wheels down on some dirt and get back to training! 2010, I'm ready!

Training Session from Casey Groves on Vimeo.

Friday, January 15, 2010

DIRT top 100 Edition!

It pretty much explains itself… DIRT selected our Ultra 50 and it is truly a honor!


“Straitline Components Direct Mount Stem

A few years ago we had little to no choice when it came to direct mount stems. Now most companies offer a direct mount option, which is the best set-up for Serious downhill riding, further stiffening the control and preventing stem twist in those little spills. We chose the Straitline stem for a few simple reasons; it is clean, simple, light and aesthetically pleasing, with a range of colours options.

Note too that this stem is also available is super short 28mm (BoXXer mount only) as well as the standard 50mm.”



  Go out and get this magazine they are very blunt about some of the issues we face in this industry, refreshing to hear a magazine make a firm stand on advertising and proper reviews!

You can buy your love or earn it!

Straitline Silent guides

We are very very proud to finally say that they are ready!

The guides are basically motorcross inspired and utilize Polyurethane sliders for the chain. Our sliders are made out of durable polyurethane and allow the chain to run on its own rollers making it a smooth quite no fuss ride!

MSRP $140



No Lexan or plastic bits… only 7075 series aluminum for hard hits!




No Moving parts! All hardware and spacers supplied weighing in at 205 grams for the 36-40th version and 176 for the 32-36th version.




The guide comes stock Kawasaki Racing Green with optional back up sliders for color matching but to be honest the green is in your face and it has yet to look bad on any bike we dressed it with.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MTBCUT Straitline team!


The boys over at and Straitline are once again in bed with each other for a kick ass 2010 season!


Yes I said in bed with each other and this year we need to figure out how to top last years race kit which was XRAY pink and black.


Here is the 09 highlight mixed with a few other Orange teams reel, those bright bikes are MTBCUT!!

This year they will be rocking the Straitline Silent Guide, the most simplest guide to ever come out, no moving parts no problems

Each guide come stock Kawasaki racing green and we offer optional backup sliders in Blue/Red/Black and White

guide rough shots 004

Pro shots are coming but these get the point across.

The Model shown is the 36-40 tooth guide weighing only 205 grams complete with all hardware and a 7075 T6 Aluminum bash guard that welcomes any impact you can handle giving it.

guide rough shots 011

the 32-36 version weighs 176 grams for those of you running the smaller rings, MTBCUT will be running this version to give everyone a fair chance at the races,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Epic and rocky!! Boarding in Norway!

Our Norwegian Distributor Veronica / GravityRide sent me her typical update full of stuff we all want to be doing. Keep an eye on her blog it really opens your eyes to Norway, pretty epic place for sports … and church burnings if that's your thing!


Here is what Veronica had to say about this recent decent!

“Hei Peggy :) Check out the helmetcam video at my last trip report:

“At the time we have more snow than in several years at the "outer" coast, now it's the time to ride the excotic lines that are very seldom available cause of lack of snow. This Friday we had an 750 vertical meter ride from Hellandshornet. Rocky, but the snow was stable, still an epic ride... “


Here are some shots of the day hiking the face: definitely makes Splitboarding seem cooler to me, I never understood them when they came out way back in the day.

And while Veronica was out living my dream I was sick last week missing Monday entirely and I have a public announcement to make that may save thousands!

Kaopectate is your best friend, throw away all of your Pepto Bismol because it is a waste of cash, you’d be better off sucking on shoelaces.

Thanks Kaopectate!

It got so bad for me that I was actually locked in the bathroom… not by choice, the guys just wouldn’t let me out… it was that bad.

Thanks again Kaopectate!

guide rough shots 052

I think this was when I was prepared to break the door down to save my self from the fan-less bathroom!

guide rough shots 053

I promise the next post will be on the Silent guide and not my digestive tract,  but it was pretty funny!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dirt Magazine Pedal Give Away!!

Get your But over to DIRT Magazine and try and win one of three custom pairs of pedals we made up for DIRT! But do not enter this competition if being tested makes you panic, they are making you work for these bad boys!


“Yeah that’s right. We have three pairs (there are only three pairs of these in this colour in existence), of Gold Straitline Platform pedals with the Dirt logo lazer etched into them. So this is super exclusive. Canadian based Straitline make all their products in–house (even though they don’t like to shout about it), as they say, “we are proud to say we actually make every single piece that goes into our product line, right down to the pins on our pedals.”

dirt competition

Their Platform pedal has been designed with the help of Jeff Lenosky and features the following: Nitrided Cromoly Axles, 14 Hex pins per face, Igus IGLIDE Polymer Bearing System, and all that weighs in at 519g per pair. Add to that their Double Redundant Retention System, which means that your spindle is secure and isn’t going to be coming loose, and they can also be totally stripped down and rebuilt in the time it takes to
make a cup of tea!

They are a great shape and feel spot on…and they’ve got the Dirt logo on them!

Win an exclusive set of Dirt logo'd Straitline Pedals

Who helped design the pedals?
  • Jeff Beck
  • Jeff Lenosky
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Jeffery from Rainbow


2+2 =

I want to be contacted regarding other promotional offers from you lot

Tags: Competition, pedals, Straitline


In other news… look what's ready to ride!

guide rough shots 011

guide rough shots 004

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Casey Groves Signs with FOX!!


Casey Groves just signed on as a FOX rider for 2010!

Talk about coming a long way, I remember him begging us for a  single lever 4 years ago so that he could ride in a competition at Whistler.

To be honest he was a pain in the ass emailing so much so we sent a lever out and glad we did.

Sponsors to date are:

Straitline Components








and more!

Huge congrats Casey!


“I was just walking out the door yesterday morning and my grandma handed me a package that had come in the mail. I thought to myself, "I didn't order anything......?' I read the writing on the big envelope and became not only breathless but speechless! It was from Fox Racing Shox, they had accepted me to become an athlete of there 2010 Grassroots team! Now you think, Grassroots huh? But NO! This means a ton! Its huge!

The thing that blew my mind was that I had not contacted Fox for a sponsorship. I knew that my manager Tyler Maine of PINKBIKE.COM had done some talking but I had no idea this was going to happen!”




Monday, January 4, 2010

Faultline tv in Hawaii!

Happy New years, the labor dispute was handled with a iron fist and we are back in the warehouse today!


Eric Peterson of made a mini video of his vacation in Hawaii, makes you all warm and fussy on a cold winter day, check it out!

Last Day of 2009 from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.