Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Epic and rocky!! Boarding in Norway!

Our Norwegian Distributor Veronica / GravityRide sent me her typical update full of stuff we all want to be doing. Keep an eye on her blog it really opens your eyes to Norway, pretty epic place for sports … and church burnings if that's your thing!


Here is what Veronica had to say about this recent decent!

“Hei Peggy :) Check out the helmetcam video at my last trip report: http://turblogg.gravityride.no/

“At the time we have more snow than in several years at the "outer" coast, now it's the time to ride the excotic lines that are very seldom available cause of lack of snow. This Friday we had an 750 vertical meter ride from Hellandshornet. Rocky, but the snow was stable, still an epic ride... “


Here are some shots of the day hiking the face: definitely makes Splitboarding seem cooler to me, I never understood them when they came out way back in the day.

And while Veronica was out living my dream I was sick last week missing Monday entirely and I have a public announcement to make that may save thousands!

Kaopectate is your best friend, throw away all of your Pepto Bismol because it is a waste of cash, you’d be better off sucking on shoelaces.

Thanks Kaopectate!

It got so bad for me that I was actually locked in the bathroom… not by choice, the guys just wouldn’t let me out… it was that bad.

Thanks again Kaopectate!

guide rough shots 052

I think this was when I was prepared to break the door down to save my self from the fan-less bathroom!

guide rough shots 053

I promise the next post will be on the Silent guide and not my digestive tract,  but it was pretty funny!

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