Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look mah, no skill!

Anyone who knows me well usually knows that I'm the guy who trips and blows through someone's fence while walking on the street, I never hurt my ankles doing something cool!


I have been stuck motionless on a couch for over 100 hours since Saturday when I put my foot down in the wrong way hyper extending my tendons in my calve and spraining my ankle.


I’d like to Blame Banshee and the sunny t-shirt day last Saturday but that would be unfair, so I’ll blame the new rubber for injuring my leg!


Took my wildcard out for a sunny day and first minute into the ride I’m on the ground swearing at a rock.

IMG_0088So that's why the blog has been dead, because I almost  died on my couch forgetting that food needs to be cooked and the fridge is sooooo far away I couldn’t be bothered to try.

1 comment:

rob dunnet said...

i don't think jay is going to feel too much sympathy for you ... i agree that the wildcard rips and you should blame banshee for any pain you are in.