Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dirt Magazine Pedal Give Away!!

Get your But over to DIRT Magazine and try and win one of three custom pairs of pedals we made up for DIRT! But do not enter this competition if being tested makes you panic, they are making you work for these bad boys!


“Yeah that’s right. We have three pairs (there are only three pairs of these in this colour in existence), of Gold Straitline Platform pedals with the Dirt logo lazer etched into them. So this is super exclusive. Canadian based Straitline make all their products in–house (even though they don’t like to shout about it), as they say, “we are proud to say we actually make every single piece that goes into our product line, right down to the pins on our pedals.”

dirt competition

Their Platform pedal has been designed with the help of Jeff Lenosky and features the following: Nitrided Cromoly Axles, 14 Hex pins per face, Igus IGLIDE Polymer Bearing System, and all that weighs in at 519g per pair. Add to that their Double Redundant Retention System, which means that your spindle is secure and isn’t going to be coming loose, and they can also be totally stripped down and rebuilt in the time it takes to
make a cup of tea!

They are a great shape and feel spot on…and they’ve got the Dirt logo on them!

Win an exclusive set of Dirt logo'd Straitline Pedals

Who helped design the pedals?
  • Jeff Beck
  • Jeff Lenosky
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Jeffery from Rainbow


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In other news… look what's ready to ride!

guide rough shots 011

guide rough shots 004

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