Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MTBCUT Straitline team!


The boys over at and Straitline are once again in bed with each other for a kick ass 2010 season!


Yes I said in bed with each other and this year we need to figure out how to top last years race kit which was XRAY pink and black.


Here is the 09 highlight mixed with a few other Orange teams reel, those bright bikes are MTBCUT!!

This year they will be rocking the Straitline Silent Guide, the most simplest guide to ever come out, no moving parts no problems

Each guide come stock Kawasaki racing green and we offer optional backup sliders in Blue/Red/Black and White

guide rough shots 004

Pro shots are coming but these get the point across.

The Model shown is the 36-40 tooth guide weighing only 205 grams complete with all hardware and a 7075 T6 Aluminum bash guard that welcomes any impact you can handle giving it.

guide rough shots 011

the 32-36 version weighs 176 grams for those of you running the smaller rings, MTBCUT will be running this version to give everyone a fair chance at the races,

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