Friday, January 15, 2010

Straitline Silent guides

We are very very proud to finally say that they are ready!

The guides are basically motorcross inspired and utilize Polyurethane sliders for the chain. Our sliders are made out of durable polyurethane and allow the chain to run on its own rollers making it a smooth quite no fuss ride!

MSRP $140



No Lexan or plastic bits… only 7075 series aluminum for hard hits!




No Moving parts! All hardware and spacers supplied weighing in at 205 grams for the 36-40th version and 176 for the 32-36th version.




The guide comes stock Kawasaki Racing Green with optional back up sliders for color matching but to be honest the green is in your face and it has yet to look bad on any bike we dressed it with.



Sneeck said...

About damn time! Joking, those looks very sick. Just waiting on Chain Reaction to get them in stock, aswell as some seatpost clamps and a tshirt.

How will the alum bash cope with hard hit's to immovable objects such as large stone's? Will it bend inwards or just flatspot at point of impact? I'm betting last since it got all of those holes but it would be a shame to either damage your crankarmspider or chainring from folding bashes.

Straitline Components said...

That would really suck if we launch it and it cannot take a rock hit but good thing we are smart!

The bashguard once installed is designed to hit rocks, it is 7075 series aluminum and we do not ever want to see a single warranty on this item.

Shit will happen here and there but you would be buying a new frame with the guide if you crumple this guard on a rock.

Aluminum is the proper material over Lexan, I feal like that was a slimy diss to other offerings but we never thought once about using it.

I think Europe will get the guides before North America will, go figure!

Sneeck said...

No I ain't dissing the alum, but the fact that it's pretty thin compared to other alum bash ring's(which are totally overbuild for one) I'm pretty sure it will work fine though.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my Mr. Dirt back guard. Everything old is new again...

Steeze McGee said...

Just had a brainwave walking home from school today lol

???dual chainring guide???

think about it, it could most definitely work! would totally get it so I won't have to switch between a dual ring setup for the all mtn rides and a single ring for some dh action

Straitline Components said...

Nothing is new... wish people would realise that. All our is doing is ditching any use of bearings and rollers, the design itself can be found all around you. Nothing is really new!!

Lefty Forks were on airplanes in the 40's most at one point they were talking about shutting down the patent office because everything has been invented.

Dual guides are easy, we will tackle that later but enjoy our first guide!

Jeff said...

The Straitline guys build some of the finest components in the world. We are proud to have them as a sponsor of Camp of Champions, Summer Mountain Bike Camp. We will be running these guides on all of our World Cup level DH whips this summer. This will be the full on ACID test ground. Our campers ride hard, crash often, and push it to high limits. I'm confident that this guide will take any abuse our campers, Pro coaches, and mechanic can throw at them.
Nice work fellows.

Jeff Young
Director of Mountain Biking
Camp of Champions
Whistler, BC, Canada