Saturday, January 31, 2009

Want the keys to Straitline??

I'm lazy this month!

I want / demand, to hear honest opinions more often and less ass kissing - Straitline is so cool. If this idea sucks it sinks. If it swims I will keep offering you a voice that will be sent out globally to all 6 people who actually read this blog.

Speak up and be honest. Spill your guts no matter If you own our gear or not, just do so soon or we will kill a puppy.

Send us a shot of your ride or trail/line you just did or your thoughts. just keep your point relevant to bikes and it will go up online.

For One month starting in mid febuary, If you email - subject "Check It!" , I will post it up under the same title on our blog for all too see.

2 rules! No poetry or bagpipes.

Have my job for one month and help me be lazy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Want to see a pedal get smashed?

The Crew!

This is an exagerated test but it was fun to do!

Below is our fatigue tester we use to calculate breaking and bend ing points of our axles and the bushing wear.

But todays question is what will happen when we use totally unrealistic pressures and weights on our pedals?

John Deere vs Straitline

The excavator weighs 44,000 lbs and some change and the steam roller 12,000 lbs, Pressure applied by the bucket slam is beyond my math but the pedal took it like a champ.

Everything we make we make simple and use the right material so that we never see a warranty!

Bent but not broke or cracked. I don't recomend doing this at home unless you have acess to heavy machinery then definitly do it. Just film it all for us.

More pedal videos HERE

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

20 minutes with Dennis

This is Dennis, Straitlines Head Engineer /CNC wizz kid and sadly... part owner!

Dennis is the inventor type. Never happy with what he sees, not giving a sh*t about the hype or the trend of the moment by designing what he knows is right and needed for all of you.

Actually he is almost like a Super Hero for the riding community. Battling pop up brands with empty marketing campaigns that promise you Fillet Mignon but serve you hot dogs at the counter - With no Relish!

So, if I was his Super Hero stylist this is how he would appear on the front page of your news paper!

To be a super hero you need untouchable skills that make the average man go wow! I want to be that guy!

Luckily Dennis has a wide range of home made weaponry skills to help him fight off the evil marketing Brands.

Brands that constantly select their image/look off the wall spending more money on marketing than technology. Their money spent on creating a brand almost equals Dennis's monthly account at Hart and Huntington's tattoo parlor in Vegas as he eats a glass filled taco while sipping a pint of Tabasco sauce for the chaser!

Giving Dennis 20 minutes of boredom with no "brands" to fight and something will light on fire or blow up! Super Hero's need cool gadgets or you just laugh at their tights! Luckily I am his stylist and skin suits were just banned!

On top of all these skills he is also very safety conscious taking it very serious to insure no harm on the public.

So when I get all the emails about whats next or when will this be made? Simply remember it is this guy who was too busy making something blow up not me - I just film it all.

But in between the play times we do get stuff done and are always refining so keep an eye on the blog for some new stuff and our team announcement!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have nothing to say today!

Watch more MySpace videos on AOL Video

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lenosky Pedals! Come get some!

Meet Jeff Lenosky!

He's Kind of a Big Deal! He once counted to infinity....Twice!

By the time you even wake up... He's already cleared 7 railings on the way to Starbucks!

He's been in more movies and magazines than you have even watched or read!

He even has a stalker fan base!

So this was a long way of saying we are launching his signature colour this season as it came out so late last year it missed every catalogue and purchase order... plus it matches his STP bang on!

Come and get some!

Down to the wire!

Are we the only ones out there who work better under pressure? Being prepared and organised is for geeks and those creepy guys who sit at the bus stops.

We perform best with a gun to the head just like at a race you simply switch it on and focus.

Look at these beauties...

Dennis and I had roughly three hours to rummage up a ad concept. I rushed down to the art store to get large white sheets for backdrop, arrive back at the office and cleared off the table, a table full of massive calenders with perfect white backsides...$3 plus gas wasted.

I ran -drove- down to the lumber store to buy a Florescent light ballast $23, balanced it on top of two chairs $free, as Dennis snapped shots and I dropped water on the stems singing my water dropping song. Realising really fast that water and paper do not mix!

We ended up getting smart and used a funky textured black board we had lying around and Bam... $26 dollar ad!

Down to the wire and off to the designer for editing. Here is the final result in rough form, this link may expire so excuse me if it is dead in a month!
Straitline Decline Ad

The funny thing is as we walked up the stairs to our high tech photo lab Dennis dropped the Red Boxxer down the stairs, luckily you cannot see the dents!

Friday, January 16, 2009

SSC stems take the win!

When we first released the Straitline Clamp stem we joked about the SpeedHoles making you 20 percent faster... we were actually serious!

Here is the proof, the first SSC stem to be ridden in Canada takes the win with a little help from Dave McNaught the man behind Kona Canada and Pipeline Bike park pumping the pedals to first place!

To be honest it's not the SpeedHoles, they just look cool so don't tell Dave his ego might inflate and we are rolling with the speedhole theory!

And Last night the 1.5 stems came alive...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Product Development Time

We are fully stocked for buying season and ready for the trade shows! We will be in high development from Febuary onwards to expand the product line and diversify Straitline towards a larger biking audience.

The hardest part when developing and designing sexy parts is product/market research. New and old must be looked at s othat you do not foolishly design a item already developed and we are amazed at how many foolish patents are out there, half simply bluffs to keep you guessing. Patent Law Blog

And you will not believe what I found, and I know you will be shocked too knowing that the idea ahs been taken and we are all to late.

But be stoked on what we will drop onto the market for the tradeshows and keep your eyes on the blog!

Scroll this actual patent application bleow... wow!
Walking through walls training system

Straitline Levers Featured in Dream build!

Exposure in the media is obviously a good thing to have for any firm, but nothing compares to unsolicited third party builds, focused on the best of the best.

Australian Mountain bike Magazine built up a Banshee Rune decked in the highest end components available for a staggering $10,000 (AUS) with I9 wheels Thomson posts and out levers blinging out the Rune.

Check it out on the Banshee Blog!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Revolution Mag with Alan and Chris!

Well I'm back from Vacation and I got a few emails on Alan this morning from Revolution Magazine. They have a sneek peek with Alan cork flipping in a double spread and Chris Soinonen is in there too encouraging kids to hurt themselves in a flip whip step by step sequence. It's easy, just go fast, lean back, whip, spot the landing and repeat!

Must see mag...

Alan also needs some help...

"Hey greggyy pooo ,what's going on? hows the depressing winter treating you over there? **Editors note, Victoria is the most year round ridable place in canada, Alan is just extremely arrogant and assumes this is Alaska**

I Should have an uber cool vid for ya soon if tomorrows filming goes accordingly. Just letting you know all your products are holding up good too except for my shins and the fact i don't wear shin guards haha, man those pedals pack a punch.

Oh yeh been speaking heaps with casey groves too, cant wait to head on over to where he is this year and ride. Also you wouldn't happen to know any companies looking to sponsor a rider and who are willing to help out a bit for this year would you? thanks.

anyway catcha later

Alan Hepburn"

So you heard it! Alan needs a stoked firm who is looking for a international athlete.
Alan is up for grabs and he will be coaching training in Whistler all summer with Casey at Camp Of Champions.

Alan has been invited to many international shows and as much as it sucked, he was invited to the 26Trix competition, flew out there with Chris and they cancelled it!

So Alan and I have decided that we need to make a impact and get him on some pimp gear so he can help promote the right company besides ours.

With all the material and magazine spreads Alan has landed, I can vouch he is worth every penny/part you throw his way.

Just check out his Training Program I personally designed for him! It is designed to utilise his Australian environment of sun, rocks and boredom, toning his muscles Down Under for the 09 season!

But for his training program I will not make him strap rocks to his ankles because that is just stupid, we will just up his daily dose of punching rocks.