Thursday, January 29, 2009

Want to see a pedal get smashed?

The Crew!

This is an exagerated test but it was fun to do!

Below is our fatigue tester we use to calculate breaking and bend ing points of our axles and the bushing wear.

But todays question is what will happen when we use totally unrealistic pressures and weights on our pedals?

John Deere vs Straitline

The excavator weighs 44,000 lbs and some change and the steam roller 12,000 lbs, Pressure applied by the bucket slam is beyond my math but the pedal took it like a champ.

Everything we make we make simple and use the right material so that we never see a warranty!

Bent but not broke or cracked. I don't recomend doing this at home unless you have acess to heavy machinery then definitly do it. Just film it all for us.

More pedal videos HERE


Matty said...

That's pretty cool... but just to play the skeptic here, those were all done into gravel so the pedal could just crush down into it. Do it on hard pack dirt or cement and then see what happens...

Straitline Components said...

Ohh Matty, I knew there would be a "but that was gravel" comments. It was prepacked crush rock hella lot harder than packed dirt.

We actualy never expected it to live past the first roll over. The steam roller was on vibratory pack it hammered the pedal into the ground.

I'll actually take another one to the ashphalt but that would damage it so I went to the job site with crush rock, I could have done it in our bikpark but they would not get any damage on soil.

Stay tuned and I will find creative ways with machines to beat on pedals. More fun than anything else.


dotca said...

Bombs! Explosions! Mythbuster style! Do it!

b_p said...

get a pedal put on will it blend