Monday, January 5, 2009

Revolution Mag with Alan and Chris!

Well I'm back from Vacation and I got a few emails on Alan this morning from Revolution Magazine. They have a sneek peek with Alan cork flipping in a double spread and Chris Soinonen is in there too encouraging kids to hurt themselves in a flip whip step by step sequence. It's easy, just go fast, lean back, whip, spot the landing and repeat!

Must see mag...

Alan also needs some help...

"Hey greggyy pooo ,what's going on? hows the depressing winter treating you over there? **Editors note, Victoria is the most year round ridable place in canada, Alan is just extremely arrogant and assumes this is Alaska**

I Should have an uber cool vid for ya soon if tomorrows filming goes accordingly. Just letting you know all your products are holding up good too except for my shins and the fact i don't wear shin guards haha, man those pedals pack a punch.

Oh yeh been speaking heaps with casey groves too, cant wait to head on over to where he is this year and ride. Also you wouldn't happen to know any companies looking to sponsor a rider and who are willing to help out a bit for this year would you? thanks.

anyway catcha later

Alan Hepburn"

So you heard it! Alan needs a stoked firm who is looking for a international athlete.
Alan is up for grabs and he will be coaching training in Whistler all summer with Casey at Camp Of Champions.

Alan has been invited to many international shows and as much as it sucked, he was invited to the 26Trix competition, flew out there with Chris and they cancelled it!

So Alan and I have decided that we need to make a impact and get him on some pimp gear so he can help promote the right company besides ours.

With all the material and magazine spreads Alan has landed, I can vouch he is worth every penny/part you throw his way.

Just check out his Training Program I personally designed for him! It is designed to utilise his Australian environment of sun, rocks and boredom, toning his muscles Down Under for the 09 season!

But for his training program I will not make him strap rocks to his ankles because that is just stupid, we will just up his daily dose of punching rocks.


BrooklynMachineWorks said...
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BrooklynMachineWorks said...

Dude, that's how we train but we use pony kegs and 40zzzzz. Push it to the limit, man.

Straitline Components said...

Dude, cmon it's not kegs... we know you use a case of ciders, but on a bed of nails to keep the manlynes.

You gonna build up a pimp track bike for vegas and leave it in our booth?

Victor said...

Greg, where do you find this sh*t? how do you even know what to search for?

Did you first see it in a F***ing hotel?

Victor said...

....waah, now I am trapped watching something that looks like an awful Start Wars remix with Turkish voice over.

Straitline Components said...

It is a RARE gift I was born with combined with Google image search, I am a ninja.