Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Straitline Quickie Stems!!!

A message from the president and head designer of the Straitline Components Quickie Stem – Dennis P.

“All this talk of safety issues? The Consumer Safety Board is a bunch of lazy suits & ties who sit around crunching pointless statistics like death rates and how many donuts can we eat today.  Grow a pair and go get this stem!”




Press Release – URGENT

1st  April 2010

For Immediate Release

Straitline Components Launch ‘Quickie’ Stems!

Canadian based CNC firm Straitline Components  Launches the first ever DH QR Stems into the demanding and competitive Gravity Market. 


With the new innovated design inspired by the demands of two Canadian Champions    Andrew Mitchell -2 time National Champion and current Canadian Junior Champion Kyle Marshall, Straitline Quickie Stems will be seen all over the race circuits in the coming months.


Andrew Mitchell


Kyle Marshall

Designed to be ridden on the infamous West Coast terrain found in British Columbia Canada, the Quickie Stems have already been a huge hit with the locals with pre orders hitting just shy of the double digits.

Check out the link to the video to see the Quickie in action:

Straitline Components - Fault Line TV April Fools 2010 from Fault Line TV on Vimeo.

For more information on the Straitline Quickie Stem visit

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knolly VOD of WTF~!


Wow, hats off to who ever put this together beginning to end, epic promo reel. Can’t have been Chris Glew Knolly’s pr marketing guy, this must be the work of a fancy marketing firm!

Check it out.

NW CUP Race #1

Andrew Mitchell and Kyle Marshall cruised over to the race this Saturday and hit up the race, Andrew on his new Intence 951 and I have no idea what Kyle rode, his new Devinci prototype is so hush hush, he may have had to run the course… taking 9th pro as a junior.

Andrew finished a solid 5th and Evil – not bikes, this guy is savage and a beast on the trails- Dean Tenant, local ripper stole 2nd place, check it all out in this link over at Pinkbike, way more in depth and Tyler was there on hand to cover it!

Andrew gloveless like a man.

Andrew Mitchell - 5th

Dunbar video…


Monday, March 29, 2010

Clients rides!

Rey sent in his Transition decked in White pedals and the new Silent guide… unsure if you are playing with the color ray or have way too much money and bought two bikes!?

Lets assume he is rich and here are his steeds. Knowing Rey this bike may be stolen so if the rightful owner see this, I have his info.


That silent guide was the first one sold and installed in America… and Rey lives in Texas..go figure.




Mike sent in his Canfield rig wit hour 50 mm boxxer and matching seat collar. Mike promises to put the Silent guide on the Canfield but the design looks like a no go, cannot win all the battles.


I will hold you to a pair of pedals Mike, we want more real state on that bike!




EDITORS NOTE*** This replaces the jibberish about Sanesh, he works at North Shore bike shop, and rides a Banshee Wildcard, I confused my emails and I was wondering how he could afford two rigs!

“Hey Greg,

I think you have me mixed up with someone else named Sanesh . I live

in Los Angeles and I'm a Location Scout for the ABC comedy

"Cougartown". (amongst many other TV shows and commercials) EDITORS NOTE*** Awesome! . I don't

work in a bike shop although I LOVE bikes! But I do think I might

have gotten the first pair of Lenosky's....


Jamie Danesh ( the green 951 )




jamie danesh


Now this is Sanesh of the Shore… his ride scored a set of the first 2010 jlo’s off the line –sorry Danesh, lied by mistake.

Sanesh is also riding on our Silent Guide with the 2010 JLO pedals or some bling. And Sanesh your shot sucks but thanks!!


Found this next  shot on Pinkbike today, glimpse of a Straitline platform on the Shore on Ryan Berrecloths Knolly.

If you want to see what it is like for real over here look at this link, great shots

Brett Tippie, Ambrose Weingart, Ryan Berrecloth. Working on Sunday.

So, send me your installs, I like to see the build ups and ideally where you ride them too, garage shots are cool but don’t hide all secret spots for yourself!

I will start first and show you my secret riding spot… 

Its just over there…

It starts near the second tree…

When you get to the creek cross it and the trail starts, cannot miss it.

So now send me yours!

Fogelsode #21: Jumps in the Afternoon, Trails in the Evening

Another advantage of longer days: riding dirt jumps in the afternoon and trails in the evening!  David, Jeff, Kevin, and I cruised out to Post Office for a fun little ride.  Kevin was steezin up a storm with big smooth whips, and Jeff was styling through, throwing some sick 3’s!  David and I had a good time messing around with the different lines, trying to jump over each other and cross each other’s lines as close as possible.  It ended up being an awesome time, just taking it easy and having fun at the jumps. p4pb4791587[1] David had to go to work, so we dropped him off and continued into the mountains where we met up with Cob and Iggy.  Dan joined up a little later and we had a cool little session on some fun sections of trail.  Cob and Iggy were getting sideways off a nice high-speed triple, killing it as always.  Eventually we ran out of light, which nobody complained about as we were all pretty tired.  Solid day!



Oh and earlier in the week, I met up with local photographer, Connor Luther, to help him with a project for his photography class.  Actually I don’t really know if “help” is the right word.  I just rode and he nailed some sick shots!

He did a cool write-up on it here.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicks dig SCARS right?

If chicks dig scars then I am going to get a lot of sexy time when I am walking again!

For those of you who do not know I snapped my Achillies tendon in half riding a month back and it was an amazing experience! It really sucked bad and I thought I would be more bummed out but I like the attention and it is easy to manipulate people to do things for you.


Check out my scar, just airing my foot out in the days, still cannot walk, barley able to put weight onto it and many many months to go.

pioneer metal 004


Before …


After, ready for action..soon.

pioneer metal 005


But look at my pore legs riddled with pedal scars and rotor burn. My new helmet wouldn’t come off with the gloves so had a bad spell of holding the rear tire between my legs so that I could two hand the straps. Ouch. You can actually see a Avid rotor wiggle on one of them.

pioneer metal 004

So that's it, my advice is try not to snap your Achilles and do not murder people.




Monday, March 22, 2010

When you love it too much!

We all love to ride but Straitline rider Jack Fogelquist takes it a little too far in this shot. Not sure if this was a trick or if he simply never new a flash was around and he was caught in a moment of passion for his bike.

Regardless..I do not judge and it is a very sick shot.

Pics from the Post Office BBQ on Sunday the 15th.

Pimped out Specialized Demo

These shots just came in from my home turf Kelowna BC, and that wall of dirt/ rock is where I learnt my first spin tricks! I used to look so cool on my Rocky Mountain Hammer race (97) bar ends and all and bust a 180 stall on the edge and re enter into a massive cool kid skid out!

KNOX mountain is the riding grounds for everyone until the snow recedes, it is fast and fun as hell.

Check out Keith’s new ride built up at Sun country Cycle in Vernon, BC!

Picture speaks a thousand words…

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 001

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 002

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 003

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 005

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 006

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 007

Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 013

Now Watch Romaniuk rip Knox a new one at 20 seconds in.. beginning is in the states.


Keithe first ride on his 2010 demo 015

Fogelsode #20: Enjoying the Long Days!

Daylight Savings Time is upon us, and what can I say…it ROCKS!  Nothing like getting the chance to ride everyday, regardless of work or school schedules!  So it’ll be of no surprise to you that there’ve been seshes at Post Office everyday of the week.  It doesn’t get any better than that!


Well almost.  It could have been better if our buddy Brad didn’t break his ankle.  There’s this cool new transfer off the new wood lip onto the landing to the right.  Brian Miller has been killing it, throwing huge 360s and tailwhips over it.  Brad wanted to try to ally-oop 3 it, which would be super crazy because he would be turning left off the lip, but have to transfer over to the right.  He went for it, transferred over perfectly, but ended up over rotating and over clearing.  He landed on his feet, but the way he landed caused his left ankle to break in 3 places.  He handled it like it wasn’t a big deal at all, and ended up driving home later that day!  He’s going in for surgery on Monday to get it reset, so hopefully it won’t be too long before he’s back in action!  Get well soon Brad!


Towards the end of the week we realized that with a new berm and a few rollers here and there, we could have a little pumptrack that would weave through parts of the existing lines.  By that evening it was done, and after a classic sundown sesh on the jumps, we turned it over to a big pumptrack session.  It ended up being a great (and tiring) time, finding new lines and racing friends.  With the warmer weather, the longer days, and events like Sea Otter around the corner, the “off-season” is beginning to transition into the on-season! 




Friday, March 19, 2010

5 AXIS CNC sickness!

This Japanese firm designed a full face helmet out of a billet of aluminum, pretty cool to watch.

What they do not show you is the time it took, a week hundred thousand passes but they show the cool snippets. Impressive to say the least, the 5 AXIS in this video would look great on our floor if we had more room.


And if AXIS talk gets you off this is of our Citizen Cincom L20


I have yet to make a video of our internals that make any sense to the eye but this is a great part to show how complex they can get. I think ours is set at 8 AXIS and can technically be counted as a 11 Axis if you set it up right but they count the AXIS differently sometimes.


I get lost too but every machine has it’s place and time in production.

Check this video out , I have no idea either, they just find me! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1 Straitline pimped Legend MKII please!

Oh, I like bling and this is a blinged out MKII from Banshee Bikes.

We were asked to dress the bike with our new Silent guide pedals and 50mm boXXer stem, here is what Rob had to say.


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months you have seen pictures of the Banshee Legend MKII. The first time I saw pictures of the Legend MKII I thought it looked pretty much like every other race bike out there. After seeing it in person a month ago I started lusting over the thought of getting one. In the span of a work day my lust turned into love and then heart break.

Today my task was to build the Legend MKII show bike. When I showed up at the factory there was a medium Legend in the Team Red color scheme waiting for me. After raiding Jay’s office and desk I had the parts ready to start building.

Usually after building up a bike, even if it is a friend's or customers I will take it for a little spin to make sure everything is good to go. This is first bike that I did not go for my ceremonial ride ... and that is when my heart was broken.

We would like to thank Cane Creek, Manitou, Hayes, Straitline, WTB, Race Face, Funn and Crank Brothers for helping out with this special build project. I'm not much for reading, so check out the pictures ...

The pictures are not the greatest, I did not have much time to take pictures, we had to prep the bike for the show tomorrow.

Keep riding.

Rob Dunnet












Banshee Bikes: VF4B from strahan loken on Vimeo.



The goods needed to make any build pop out from the rest!


WEB SHOTS 2010 073

WEB SHOTS 2010 188

WEB SHOTS 2010 001

We do offer back up color sliders and we sent the stock green by mistake for this build but looks fast  regardless.