Monday, March 29, 2010

Fogelsode #21: Jumps in the Afternoon, Trails in the Evening

Another advantage of longer days: riding dirt jumps in the afternoon and trails in the evening!  David, Jeff, Kevin, and I cruised out to Post Office for a fun little ride.  Kevin was steezin up a storm with big smooth whips, and Jeff was styling through, throwing some sick 3’s!  David and I had a good time messing around with the different lines, trying to jump over each other and cross each other’s lines as close as possible.  It ended up being an awesome time, just taking it easy and having fun at the jumps. p4pb4791587[1] David had to go to work, so we dropped him off and continued into the mountains where we met up with Cob and Iggy.  Dan joined up a little later and we had a cool little session on some fun sections of trail.  Cob and Iggy were getting sideways off a nice high-speed triple, killing it as always.  Eventually we ran out of light, which nobody complained about as we were all pretty tired.  Solid day!



Oh and earlier in the week, I met up with local photographer, Connor Luther, to help him with a project for his photography class.  Actually I don’t really know if “help” is the right word.  I just rode and he nailed some sick shots!

He did a cool write-up on it here.



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