Monday, March 1, 2010

Custom Bike Builds!!

You know what we love but I find too little time to post them in a organized manner? Customer feedback and bike build shots.

Here is Rick, the head welder from Intense Bikes speaking like the trucker that he is…

“Hey Greg,

I got the parts today, mother***er, you guys are good !!

Do me a favor and tell the guy who runs your machine shop he is THE man !!!

Thanks again, pics soon.


Big compliment coming from those guys.

Here is a thread on the build with a 951  dressed in spacers, stem and pedals.




And this just came in too sharing a similar color scheme.  Marshalls pinner, sent in his bike decked in Straitline gear too, you may notice the angles on his build to be almost as dialed as The 951.

“Hey Greg!

How’s the great white north?  You been lucky enough to go see any of the games?

I just threw together a little MTB for my 6 year old and he is railing the thing. Dam kid has already nabbed my stem J

Thought you would get a kick out of his rig. His favorite thing is “sending it” which usually consists of a 18” rock drop, ha ha, good times.





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Colin Worobetz said...

You guys are fantastic with your customer service, not so long ago I asked you guys your basic story of how you got into the industry, I was expecting a little 3 sentence summary but was a long, well written page. It actually really helped me in my path to getting into the cycling industry, thanks a lot, and keep up the good work, hey maybe someday, it will be me doing the work :)