Friday, March 19, 2010

5 AXIS CNC sickness!

This Japanese firm designed a full face helmet out of a billet of aluminum, pretty cool to watch.

What they do not show you is the time it took, a week hundred thousand passes but they show the cool snippets. Impressive to say the least, the 5 AXIS in this video would look great on our floor if we had more room.


And if AXIS talk gets you off this is of our Citizen Cincom L20


I have yet to make a video of our internals that make any sense to the eye but this is a great part to show how complex they can get. I think ours is set at 8 AXIS and can technically be counted as a 11 Axis if you set it up right but they count the AXIS differently sometimes.


I get lost too but every machine has it’s place and time in production.

Check this video out , I have no idea either, they just find me! Have a great weekend!


Colin W said...

Hoooooolllyyy Crapppp

Some of the clearances between the part and the spindle were tiny!

You need one of these ;)

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