Monday, March 1, 2010

Professionalism !!!

Professionalism does not exist here at Straitline Head Quarters, case and point… here is my Monday morning briefing email from the higher ups!  So motivating people should use this style of management, it really works well!


GREG IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!111

Dennis Paulson

VP of Product Development

Straitline Components

Phone: 250.655.6603

Fax: 250.655.0933

Address: 2-11019 Galaran Road, Sidney, BC, V8L 5X3



And yesterday we “professionally” wiped the USA’S ass in the hockey game! Big Rivalry and it was a awesome game to watch. When the winning goal was shot in the over time all of the city lit up with car horns, pretty cool day for sure.


Crosby's goal wins gold, Canada beats US 3-2 in OT

So just to finish off a argument I had last week while watching the US beat Canada in another game…

How did a country with less people than all of California, mine all this talent and take the most Gold Medals? And Bronze Medals do not count, that is like being the ugly younger kid that no one recognizes, you are there but the other two matter more. Bad analogy but here are the medal standings and I guess Germany came out ahead if you quit adding the “thanks for coming out Bronze Medals.” In the words of Ricky Bobby’s Dad :  If you ain’t First… your Last!



United States 
9  Gold
15  Silver
13  Bronze


10  Gold
13  Silver
7  Bronze


14  GOLD
7  Silver
5  Bronze

*Not all Canadians look like this guy*


Colin Worobetz said...

Your boss rocks :D. Also, note how canada's GOLD count is in caps ;)

Anonymous said...

The way I look at it is its all tied up, 1 to 1. There should have been another game. But hay, it was the best game I had ever seen! I was rooting for USanada anyway.