Monday, March 8, 2010

Straitline is proud to announce a new Employee!

We are very proud to announce Justin, Straitlines new head of Production/ CNC Programming


Here he is after his 15 minute tech tutorial…IMG_0427

It came pretty natural to him, the bucket height will be fixed after he completes his initial 3 month probation period, then we can discuss a wooden box.


Training him was pretty simple, the machines are set up for Automation and he has extensive time on advanced machines from previous gigs…


He did mention or at least we think what he meant to say is he is very up to speed with modern robotics and this is not a problem, when can he start!

Sadly we had to shake down some employees over the winter that were trying to start up a union and increase wages all around. Directly effecting you the consumer so you know we did what we had to do.

power struggle

Let this be a lesson about Greed… once you had a job that was sweet and flexible…now you don’t Kid! Work harder, longer and stay ahead of the pack!

power struggle 2

I made all of that up, but the good news is that we can make fun of ourselves and the machines are all automated so we keep small hands out. Or am I making fun of this because if I do it gets me off the hook for really using kids in the warehouse? You may never know but please support Straitline because we are family oriented and we put our money where our mouth is, you will know what we mean when you see us up close.

Jeff Lenosky limited 2010 pedal with actual 24 karat gold plated pins all made in-house with no little hands in sight. We use the kids at night out of sight to ease all the complaints.


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Colin W said...

How do you guys keep raising the bar like this! Great work!

@inthebay on twitter