Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Straitline Quickie Stems!!!

A message from the president and head designer of the Straitline Components Quickie Stem – Dennis P.

“All this talk of safety issues? The Consumer Safety Board is a bunch of lazy suits & ties who sit around crunching pointless statistics like death rates and how many donuts can we eat today.  Grow a pair and go get this stem!”




Press Release – URGENT

1st  April 2010

For Immediate Release

Straitline Components Launch ‘Quickie’ Stems!

Canadian based CNC firm Straitline Components  Launches the first ever DH QR Stems into the demanding and competitive Gravity Market. 


With the new innovated design inspired by the demands of two Canadian Champions    Andrew Mitchell -2 time National Champion and current Canadian Junior Champion Kyle Marshall, Straitline Quickie Stems will be seen all over the race circuits in the coming months.


Andrew Mitchell


Kyle Marshall

Designed to be ridden on the infamous West Coast terrain found in British Columbia Canada, the Quickie Stems have already been a huge hit with the locals with pre orders hitting just shy of the double digits.

Check out the link to the video to see the Quickie in action:

Straitline Components - Fault Line TV April Fools 2010 from Fault Line TV on Vimeo.

For more information on the Straitline Quickie Stem visit


Pete said...

Bahahaha, love Andrew Mitchell's stuffed lycra shorts! No homo.

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