Friday, May 23, 2008

Our New Norwegian distributor / Marzocchi model!

Veronica of Gravity Ride in Norway has been appointed as our Norwegian distributor.

On top of running a new progressive firm that will be handling Straitline and Foes Racing in Norway, she is also a new poster girl for Marzocchi as well.

Hold your comments... Veronica can hold her own with any one on anyride! She is a serious rider and stoked to have our gear decked on some sexy Foes up North.

I was blown away on the 9 pages Decline or Bike did a few months back on Norway. Super sick place and the sport is definitly setting its roots over there.

Check out some of the rides built so far!

Our brands look so good together, my only guess is that FOES may have had an affair with Straitlines mom at some point in the past.

Nathan Kemilla's new Banshee Wildcard!

Check out our interior boys big hit machine!

Nato owns Sign Design in kelowna BC so he tends to over pimp his rides with custom decals, cuz he can!

To keep with my lazy style I will just send you over to Banshees Blog here!

And Nato, I punked ya on the Seasons premier! I suck B**ls I know. Promise I will behave for the next trail day you got coming up!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How straitline parts are made!

How booze makes Straitline Parts the best they can be...

I was hiding this for a bit but why not just show it off, I am sure people have clued in that we really don't care much for being serious all the time! Click the links!

Check out this bike!

Umm... wow! Everyone quit sending me your bike builds with our gear gleaming. We don't care anymore... how can you follow this build without being humbled?

The above shot has officially won the hot bike contest and made my year! I am blown away at this build and the level of detail put into this sweet grocery getter fit for only the mannliest of mannly men!

The best part is that the link and shots came with this disclaimer!

"Hi Greg,

I received my stem not that long ago and was very excited to install it.
(Extremely classy piece of hardware...)

Warning: I have no doubt in my mind that the following was not the use intended by Straitline, and the following images may either result in much laughter or an official requisition that I return my Straitline product immediately and forthwith for re-distribution to a serious downhill mountain biker. That being said, check out..."

Check the forum for more shots of this ride here!

Sadly those are Cris King spacers because we dropped our spacers late in the game but the match is bang on!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fluidride Cup & Freeride Park updates!

Decline posted on their website a mini blurb on the Fluidride race where Drew won second place last weekend. Second isn't bad since Drew slaved in the North Saanich Freeride Park for three days straight, him and I quit at 8 pm on Friday dehydrated and out of fuel for the bobcat.

Drew's our park Bitch as long as we let him play with a shovel and a bobcat he doesn't talk back too much.

Visit Virtual for a run down of the course!


Pro Men:
1. Lars Sternberg- Fluidride/Fox suspension
2. Andrew Mitchell- Cove Bikes
3. Bart McDaniel- Center Cycle
4. Richard Mukai- Rotec Cycles
5. Sean McClendon- Decline Griz America

Now keep in mind we are building a modern freeride park here in North Saanich and Drew is our key guy along with Kyle Michell -no relation- Since Kyle is in China building the worlds BMX track, Drew and I have been focusing on setting up the pump track area and planning layouts until Kyles return.
Check out Kyles Jumps in his front yard for a taste of whats to come.

Kyles work in Madrid...

Finished sketch....

And Kyles work in California...

So hopefully this park -free at anytime for anyone- will set a standard for park designs in other communities and we can start training athletes for our sports both BMX and MTB. Keep an eye on the blog for updates!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Formula levers are in the house!

Okay lets all admit it, a hot bike is like a hot girl! No matter what you ride or who you are sponsored by or what brand you are friends with, a hot bike turns your head!

Our first Formula ever on the streets ended up Jack Kongs bike way over in Malaysia. Jack sent us his bike decked in SL components and it looks so sexy I had to post it up.

If you have any photo's of your rides decked in our gear pass them along and will post them up. And anyone who knows how to create a blog as good as Banshee Bikes, or anyone who is willing to just hack their computers and send me that info that be great! I am a tad dumb on the blogging side of things but i will try to make the blog more fun as we go.

This is just a rad shot from Austrailia, and a perfect example of the lever design. Find the nook and relax on your DH run!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Kid is not on payroll I swear!

I had this link sent to my by Ryan Rose of a home review done on our pedals.

I find it really cool how people see us online looking pretty assuming we are all hype but then when they score our gear they become our personal sales force. Enthusiasm is off the hook.

"May 6, 2008
Published by postcanyonloc

"Pedal Slipping" sucks!

"Once I discovered the Straitline Components website after seeing a great ad in a magazine. I sought out a pair of the visually stunning pedals, the best part is the "GraveDigger" lime green color. Having a superior pedal of this color is fine considering most of my race runs are based on that theme of barely pulling it off and not crashing. Although that is a fun part of racing, I wanted to limit the unwanted "dabs" to zero and have full pedal power to the finish line."

here is his blurb on Pinkbike.

Check out a tech review done by the Sicklines guys as well

So I just made up a build up video of the pedal to explain how stupid easy they are to maintain and inspect. This is of the 08 pedal, I will post the 07 pedal video shortly.

Now here is a tear down the and build up! Techical talk is for dorks, watch me nail this performance first take.. lol

Monday, May 5, 2008

Attending Camp of Champions will Save the Pandas!!

This is last years COC Mobile!

Don't be scared it is just an acronym!

This year Graeme and Ken have been spending so much time setting up camp for an epic season money may be tight on the vehicle side of things.

But good thing their driver Ed scored a great deal on a slightly used Cargo van!

But no worries, we hear Ed is a safe driver!

Okay I may have made the last part up, the deal on the van fell through but Ed has it under all control...

Stoked to be hooked up with COC and when I opened up decline this month I saw Brian Lopes decked a COC shirt! Looks like Him and Cedric will be personally coaching at camp for Oakley week!

So you show up to camp this season and you will see a buffet of high end bikes designed for a beating in the Whistler park.

Norco A-Lines - Transition Bikes and Banshee Bikes releasing their revamp and fresh as hell new line up. Leave your bikes at home and hit a tree on theirs!

For more info on Camp of Champions click here and watch the promo vid!

Sadly Ed's inner ear issue prevents him from coaching this season. bummer because he really likes kids and won't be attending camp for what ever reason!

North Saanich Freeride Park update

So what I have learned is this... winter building sucks!

This was two weeks ago, after days of sunshine it decided to snow on the park on a build day. So... building was off but I decided to keep the machine in action and at least chew up some material because that is just fun.

This past weekend I had cove-shocker Drew Mitchell of Cove Bikes swing over to help connect the large pump track but again it decided to rain. No luck. But we took the time to use a Wheel Loader and design the little kids track and form some berms with base material.

Everthing is wet so until the sun gods stop punishing me for hanging out with Drew, building cannot happen.

Big Props to Gordy Martman Excavating for consistantly backing us up with machinery, it is making other parks jealous at how good we have it.