Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Check out this bike!

Umm... wow! Everyone quit sending me your bike builds with our gear gleaming. We don't care anymore... how can you follow this build without being humbled?

The above shot has officially won the hot bike contest and made my year! I am blown away at this build and the level of detail put into this sweet grocery getter fit for only the mannliest of mannly men!

The best part is that the link and shots came with this disclaimer!

"Hi Greg,

I received my stem not that long ago and was very excited to install it.
(Extremely classy piece of hardware...)

Warning: I have no doubt in my mind that the following was not the use intended by Straitline, and the following images may either result in much laughter or an official requisition that I return my Straitline product immediately and forthwith for re-distribution to a serious downhill mountain biker. That being said, check out..."

Check the forum for more shots of this ride here!

Sadly those are Cris King spacers because we dropped our spacers late in the game but the match is bang on!

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

That bike is tight like Betty White