Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fluidride Cup & Freeride Park updates!

Decline posted on their website a mini blurb on the Fluidride race where Drew won second place last weekend. Second isn't bad since Drew slaved in the North Saanich Freeride Park for three days straight, him and I quit at 8 pm on Friday dehydrated and out of fuel for the bobcat.

Drew's our park Bitch as long as we let him play with a shovel and a bobcat he doesn't talk back too much.

Visit Virtual for a run down of the course!


Pro Men:
1. Lars Sternberg- Fluidride/Fox suspension
2. Andrew Mitchell- Cove Bikes
3. Bart McDaniel- Center Cycle
4. Richard Mukai- Rotec Cycles
5. Sean McClendon- Decline Griz America

Now keep in mind we are building a modern freeride park here in North Saanich and Drew is our key guy along with Kyle Michell -no relation- Since Kyle is in China building the worlds BMX track, Drew and I have been focusing on setting up the pump track area and planning layouts until Kyles return.
Check out Kyles Jumps in his front yard for a taste of whats to come.

Kyles work in Madrid...

Finished sketch....

And Kyles work in California...

So hopefully this park -free at anytime for anyone- will set a standard for park designs in other communities and we can start training athletes for our sports both BMX and MTB. Keep an eye on the blog for updates!

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