Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Formula levers are in the house!

Okay lets all admit it, a hot bike is like a hot girl! No matter what you ride or who you are sponsored by or what brand you are friends with, a hot bike turns your head!

Our first Formula ever on the streets ended up Jack Kongs bike way over in Malaysia. Jack sent us his bike decked in SL components and it looks so sexy I had to post it up.

If you have any photo's of your rides decked in our gear pass them along and will post them up. And anyone who knows how to create a blog as good as Banshee Bikes, or anyone who is willing to just hack their computers and send me that info that be great! I am a tad dumb on the blogging side of things but i will try to make the blog more fun as we go.

This is just a rad shot from Austrailia, and a perfect example of the lever design. Find the nook and relax on your DH run!


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